Thursday, July 24, 2014

Glen Matlock - Radcliffe and Maconie interview, BBC 6 7-22-14

Here's an interview done this week with Glen Matlock on the BBC.

And his Edinburgh Festival appearence  to be broadcast here:

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Slaughter & The Dogs (with Eddie Garrity) - Blackpool + Edinburgh 1980

Here's two shows with Eddie Garrity (aka Ed Banger) singing. Both are rough audience recordings.

@ Blackpool England 3-07-80:
01. Cranked Up Really High
02. I'm The One
03. Hell In New York
04. The Bitch
05. Mystery Girl
06. You're Ready Now
07. You're A Bore
08. I'm Mad
09. Johnny T/Twist & Turn
10. Runaway
11. Victims Of The Vampire
12. Where Have All The Bootboys Gone

@ Motel Session, Edinburgh Scotland 6-29-80:
01. Johnny T
02. I'm Waiting For The Man

Slaughter & The Dogs - Rehearsals 6-26-79 (aka Mainline Sessions)

Rehearsing with Wayne Barret on vocals in the summer of 1979. Does anyone know the mainline song? Is it an original that never got used or a cover song? Sound quality is a little distorted and raw but still good.From the tape collection of Red Rossi.

track list:
01. All Over Now
02. I'm Mad #1
03. Hell In New York
04. Runaway
05. Mystery Girl
06. You're Ready Now
07. I'm Mad #2
08. Johnny T/Boston Babies
09. Mainline #1
10. Mainline #2

Nuns - San Francisco + New York City 1978

All four sets are audience recordings. The Max's first set I posted before from a different tape source. I think this one is slightly better in sound quality. All are from the tape collection of Red Rossi.

Nuns photos here:

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA 2-24-78:
01. Human Being
02. Media Control
03. My Savage
04. Getting Straight
05. Hey Little Rich Thing
06. 14 Year Old Lover
07. Child Molester
08. Going Down
09. Decadent Jew
10. You Think You're The Best
11. Search And Destroy
12. 21st Century
13. World War III
14. No Fun
15. Suicide Child
16. Smoking Heroin
17. Confused

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco, CA 6-04-78:
01. Mental Masturbation
02. Decadent Jew

@ Max's Kansas City, NYC 8-78, 1st set:
01. Lazy
02. Human Being
03. Decadent Jew
04. Media Control
05. Wild
06. 21st Century
07. Smoking Heroin
08. Savage
09. Child Molester
10. Confused
11. Suicide Child
12. Mental Masturbation

@ Max's Kansas City, NYC 8-78, 2nd set:
 01. Lazy
02. Decadent Jew
03. World War 3
04. Wild
05. Hey Little Rich Thing
06. Child Molester
07. You Think You're The Best
08. Cock In My Pocket
09. Suicide Child

Avengers - Rehearsal Session with Steve Jones 10-10-78

Steve Jones doesn't play on this but he is sitting in the room recording this while they were rehearsing. Two days after this recording he produced 4 of their songs in a recording studio. There are three original songs and one cover here that have never been released. Sound quality is very good. From the tape collection of Red Rossi.

Avengers photos here:

track list:
01. Warm Up Jam
02. The American In Me
03. Open Your Eyes
04. No Martyr
05. White Nigger
06. Thin White Line
07. The Good The Bad And The Kowalskis
08. Night Ride
09. Desperation #1
10. Desperation #2
11. Flames Of Evil
12. Uh-Oh
13. Promised Land
14. C'mom Everybody
15. I Believe In Me

Monday, July 7, 2014

Sham 69/Crabs/Jerks/Mirrors - Vortex, London 1-03-78

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Here are the complete recordings of the bands that played a gig at the Vortex Club in London on January 3, 1978. Much thanks to the person who recorded and preserved this night in history. For those of us who were not lucky enough to have been able to be there at least we can live it and re-live it aurally. All four sets are audience records and the sound quality is generally very good. I'd say the rare gem here is the Mirrors set. While I had the three sets from the other bands for many years, until this year I didn't know the Mirrors set was even recorded. Thanks to Red Rossi in Italy for providing it. They play both songs from their first single and the rest remain unreleased. There are several other gems in their set. Nine of the twelve songs in the Jerks set were officially released on their We Hate You CD put out in 2001 by Overground Records. Tracks 1,3 and 4 are the ones left off. Everyone should know the Crabs recording by now. I've posted it on this blog a few years ago but now it can be heard in the context of the gig at which it was recorded. And the Sham set is a nice early recording of the band.
Mirrors - Vortex, London 1-03-78:
01. She's A Risk
02. Vipers
03. Eat the lady
04. Jumpers
05. title unknown
06. Strip Lighting
07. Cure For Cancer
08. Nice Vice
09. title unknown
10. Hot Sauna
11. She Can't Run
12. Terrorists

Jerks - Vortex, London 1-03-78:
01. Back To Berlin
02. I'm Waiting For My Man
03. Dole Queue Boys
04. title unknown
05. You're Not Worth It (Jerk Off)
06. Hold My Hand
07. I'm So Bored With My School
08. We Hate You
09. More More More
10. Mummy's Little Darling Boy
11. Get Your Woofing Dog Off Me
12. California Sun

Crabs - Vortex, London  1-03-78:
01). Hawaii 5-0 + Dull Kid
02). Blue Unction
03). All Day & All Of The Night [Kinks]
04). Don’t Want Your Love
05). For Us
06). Under Pressure
07). Save My Skin
08). Victim
09). Wartime Memories
10). Lullabies Lie
11). You Really Got Me [Kinks]

Sham 69 - Vortex, London 1-03-78:
01. Red London
02. I Don't Wanna
03. George Davis Is Innocent
04. Rop Off
05. Family Life
06. Ulster
07. I'm A man I'm A Boy
08. Hey Little Roch Boy
09. Borstal Breakout
10. They don't Understand
11. It's Never Too late
12. Ulster
13. What Have We Got

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Suburban Studs - John Peel Session 11-22-77

Here is three of the four songs the Suburban Studs recorded for John Peel in 1977. The missing song is No Faith. Anyone have it? This was recorded off the radio and sound quality is a little raw but good.

track list:
01. Suburban Studs
02. I Hate School
03. Necro