Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The London Punk Tapes book

At the link you can view the book: http://issuu.com/actar/docs/londonpunktapes


Subway Sect - Harlesden Coliseum, London 3-11-77

For Subway Sect fans follow the link to listen to a live recording of the band in early 1977. It's a bit rough on quality but still a great listen for any fan.


Vic Godard and The Subway Sect - Marc Riley Session,BBC 3-26-14

Here's Vic playing a new session of old songs with an entertaining interview. Radio broadcast with excellent sound quality.

track list:
01. Marc Riley jingle
02. interview
03. Blackpool
04. -Marc Riley-
05. interview
06. Back In The Void Again
07. -Marc Riley-
08. interview
09. Malicious Love
10. -Marc Riley-


Nosebleeds - England 1977

Here is the original line up of the Nosebleeds playing at an unknown location somewhere in England during the magical year of 1977. It's an audience recording and the sound quality is a little rough but still a good listen. There is a new line up of the band playing around England these days with the original singer and the original drummer from Slaughter & The Dogs and they have a new album out.

info: http://www.punk77.co.uk/groups/nosebleeds.htm
info: http://www.edbangerandthenosebleeds.com/the-past
interview with the original drummer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=loHaZ_FVdA0
new line up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KvrNPxt2uI

track list:
01. Ain't Bin To No Music School
02. Fascist Pigs
03. Uptight
04. Rich Kid
05. Don't Know
06. Middle Class Suburban Creep
07. Blackpool Rock
08. Another Ounce of Rock


Monday, April 21, 2014

Valves - Mike Read Session 1979

Here's a nice session from the Edinburgh Scotland Punk band The Valves. It's a radio broadcast and the sound quality is a little muffled but still very good.

track list:
01. Ain't No Surf In Portobello
02. Fab Front Loader
03. Linda Vindaloo


Sunday, April 20, 2014

Quads - John Peel Session 8-29-79

Great Mod-Revival band. Radio broadcast with excellent sound quality.

track list:
01. Revision Time Blues
02. There's Never Been A Night
03. I Know You know
04. There Must Be Thousands


Pink Military - John Peel Session 11-14-79

Budgie who played drums in Spitfire Boys and Souxsie & The Banshees plays drums on this session. Radio broadcast with excellent sound quality.

track list:
01. Did You See Her
02. Stand Alone
03. Wild West