Monday, September 15, 2014

Flys - John Peel Session 9-18-79

Here is the third of three sessions recorded by The Flys for John Peel. Sound quality is excellent.

track list:
01. Frenzy Is 23
02. I'll Survive
03. Let's Drive
04. Energy Boy

Peter Perrett - London 1994/1995/1996

All three of these shows are audience recordings and have good sound quality.


@ Mean Fiddler, London 4-22-94
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@ Slash Club, London 4-20-95:
01. Dead Love Syndrome
02. Falling
03. Transfixed
04. C Voyeurger
05. Sirens
06. Nothing Worth Doing
07. Shivers
08. Daughter
09. Woke Up Sticky
10. Skin Like Armour
11. Land Of The Free
12. Twilight World
13. You Gave Birth
14. Another Girl, Another Planet
15. Law Of The Jungle

@ Mean Fiddler, London 9-26-96
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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Only Ones - 1977+2007

The Rochester Castle show is an audience recording and is very muddy but listenable. Can anyone fill in the unknown song titles? The XFM Session is a radio broadcast and has excellent sound quality.


Only Ones - Rochester Castle, London 9-08-77:
01. I'm Yours
02. 2. This Ain't All (It's Made Out To Be)
03. Prisoners
04. As My Wife Says
05. The Guest
06. Special View
07. Lovers Of Today
08. Inbetweens
09. Another Girl, Another Planet
10. The Whole Of The Law
11. Oh No
12. Peter And The Pets
13. City Of Fun

Only Ones - XFM Session 5-28-07:
01. Another Girl, Another Planet
02. The Whole Of The Law
03. The Big Sleep

Helen Love - Steve Lamacq Session 9-16-98

Helen Love were a Pop Punk band from Swansea Wales and began in 1992. They released many records on the Damaged Goods label and seem to be still around. At the beginning of track three Joey Ramone introduces the band. Sound quality is excellent.

track list:
01. MC5
02. Love Shifty Disco Girl
03. Tommy Gun
04. Love Does Your Heart Go Boom?

Dennis Bovell - BBC Session 3-18-93

In the 1970s Dennis Bovell was a member of the British Reggae band Matumbi. Since then he has become a well respected producer and has produced records by The Slits, Pop Group, Angelic Upstarts, Merton Parkas and Vic Godard among many. I don't know who this session was recorded for but the sound quality is excellent.

track list:
01. Backbone
02. Oh Mama Oh Papa
03. Tactics
04. Woman

Modern Eon - John Peel Session 1-28-81

Post Punk band from Liverpool that recorded this one Peel Session. Sound quality is excellent.


track list:
01. Real Hymn
02. High Noon
03. Grass Still Grows
04. Mechanic

Monochrome Set - John Peel Session 4-15-80

Here are three of the four songs recorded for the third of three Peel Sessions recorded by this band. Sound quality is excellent. The missing song is titled Apocalypso.

track list:
01. B.I.D Spells Bid
02. 405 Lines
03. Love Zombies