Sunday, July 29, 2012

Heroes - Max's, NYC 6-26-81 (w/Walter Lure)

After The Heartbreakers split at the end of 1977, Walter Lure played and recorded through the late 1970s and early 1980s with several bands including The Blessed and The Incognitos. Two songs he recorded in 1978 (Seven Day Weekend and Too Much Junkie Business) didn't get released on vinyl until 1983 under the band name The Heroes which at the time was his current band. The Heroes of 1983 never released anything but someone was nice enough to to make this audience recording of one of their gigs. A few Heartbreakers songs are played, a couple of covers and a pile of new songs, some of which were only released in the 1990s on the Waldos Rent Party CD and others remain unreleased. The band: Walter Lure - Guitar & Vocals, Richie Lure - Guitar & Vocals, Danny Hirsh - Bass, Billy Rogers - Drums.

Here's a photo:
Here's an interview with Walter Lure:

1st Set: [from cassette tape]
01. Party Lights
02. Sorry
03. Love That Kills
04. Let's Go
05. Crazy Little Baby
06. Busted
07. Wam Bam Boo
08. Turn It Up
09. Too Much Junkie Business
10. Seven Day Weekend
11. Pissing My Life Away
12. Crazy Kids

2nd Set: [from cassette tape]
01. Too Much Junkie Business
02. Sorry
03. Love That Kills
04. Feel No Pain
05. Here Come The Zombies
06. Flight
07. Busted
08. Let's Go
09. Crazy Little Baby
10. Turn It Up
11. All By Myself
12. Crazy Kids
13. One Track Mind


  1. Thanks so much for posting this. Great to hear the original versions of songs Lure would later record on Rent Party.

  2. There is also a few songs on this show that have never been released. Someone should talk Mr. Lure into recording those for us. It would certainly be a great new record from him.

    Also, there is mention during this show of a new single which never was released, far as I know. Would be great to hear that if it was ever recorded.

  3. This is awesome, I have one the waldos shows from 3/21/91 with Johnny Thunders singing Mickey's Monkey with them. Are there any waldos traders out there?

    1. I don't know any Waldos traders out there. I did post a Waldos show on this blog a long time ago. There is also a Heroes show out there with Thunders guesting. I've seen it on a trade list a long time ago but have never been able to get a copy.

    2. I don't see the show on your blog, Do you want the shows I have?

    3. Sure, send whatever shows you have. I'd like to hear them.