Tuesday, August 7, 2018

D.O.A. - Girard Ballroom, Philadelphia 7-18-86

This one is a soundboard recording. The guitars are mostly low in the mix and the last couple songs are distorted. But, otherwise it is a good sounding recording.

01. Class War
02. America The Beautiful
03. Dangerman
04. Race Riot
05. Lumberjack City
06. D.O.A.
07. It’s Ready To Explode
08. Slumlord
09. Let’s Wreck The Party
10. We’re Drivin’ To Hell ‘n’ Back
11. War
12. General Strike
13. War In The East
14. Fuck You
15. The Prisoner
16. Fucked Up Ronnie
17. Takin’ Care Of Business

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