Saturday, November 18, 2017

Immaculate Consumptive - Danceteria, NYC 10-30-83

Immaculate Consumptive were a short lived band that featured Lydia Lunch, Nick Cave, Mark Almond and Clint Ruin from Foetus. apparently they only played three shows one in Washington DC and two in New York City. The backing tracks were recorded in a studio prior to the gigs and they sung over these at the show. Blue Turk is an Alice cooper song and In The Ghetto is the Elvis Presley song. This is an audience recording. Sound quality is good.


setlist: [from cassette tape]:
01. So Your Heart
02. Dead River
03. title unknown
04. Blue Turk
05. Go To The Church (Hot Horse)
06. Misery Loves Company
07. Love Amongst The Ruined
08. You'll Never See Me On A Sunday
09. Halo Flamin' Lead
10. title unknown
11. In The Ghetto
12. Body Unknown