Thursday, November 22, 2012

Buzzcocks - Apollo Theatre, Manchester 5-25-12

The Buzzcocks play three sets with three different line ups covering the length of their existence and included are several new songs. This show was recorded from the audience. Sound quality is very good.

set 1:
01. intro
02. What Am I Supposed To Do?
03. Totally From The Heart
04. When Love Turns Around
05. Friends
06. Unthinkable
07. Lester Sands
08. Sell You Everything
09. Wish I Never Loved You
10. People Are Strange Machines
11. The Way
12. Sound Of A Gun
13. Reconcilliation
14. Big Brother Wheels
15. Choices
16. Isolation
17. Crystal Night
18. Alive Tonight
19. Innocent
20. Sick City Sometimes

Pete Shelley - guitar / vocals
Steve Diggle - guitar / vocals
Chris Remmington - bass guitar
Danny Farrant - drums

set 2:
01. intro
02. Fast Cars
03. I Don't Mind
04. Autonomy
05. Get On Our Own
06. Fiction Romance
07. You Say You Don't Love Me
08. Sixteen Again
09. Why She's A Girl From The Chainstore
10. Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
11. Why Can't I Touch It
12. Mad Mad Judy
13. Everybody's Happy Nowadays
14. Promises
15. Love You More
16. What Do I Get?
17. Harmony In My Head
18. Ever Fallen In Love With
19. Orgasm Addict

Pete Shelley - guitar / vocals
Steve Diggle - guitar / vocals
Steve Garvey - bass guitar
John Maher - drums

set 3:
01. intro
02. Breakdown
03. Times up
04. Boredom
05. Friends Of Mine / Can't Control Myself
06. Friends Of Mine
07. I Can't Control Myself

Howard Devoto - vocals
Pete Shelley - broken starway guitar
Steve Diggle - bass guitar
John Maher - drums

The Story Of the Buzzcocks (2012)
01. BBC Documentary

Steve Diggle - Demos 1-27-81

Here are some demo songs recorded by Steve Diggle in his home studio one month before the Buzzcocks split up in 1981. These songs feature guitar, drum machine and some vocals. None of the songs are finished and only the songs Drift Away and In The Back were ever re-recorded (with a line up of Diggle/Garvey/Maher) and released (on a Flag Of Convenience album). These recordings provide insight into the songwriting process and also gets one wondering what a fourth Buzzcocks album might have sounded like in 1981 had they continued at that time.

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Can You Dig It
02. Drift Away
03. In The Back
03. Dancing At Dawn
04. By My Side
05. Don't Come Back

Buzzcocks - Live 1980

The Manchester show is a radio broadcast. The Cherry Hill show is a soundboard recording. Both have very good sound quality.

@ Manchester Polytechnic, Manchester England 5-22-80
01. I Don’t Mind
02. Ever Fallen In Love
03. What Do I Get
04. Strange Thing
05. Why She’s A Girl from the Chainstore
06. What Do You Know
07. Autonomy

@ Emerald City, Cherry Hill NJ 11-22-80: [from cassette tape]
01. Why She's The Girl From The Chain Store
02. What Do I Get
03. Fast Cars
04. Fiction Romance
05. Harmony In My Head
06. Everybody's Happy Nowadays
07. Lipstick
08. Ever Fallen In Love
09. Something's Gone Wrong Again
10. Airwaves Dream
11. Strange Thing
12. Noise Annoys
13. What Do You Know
14. I Believe
15. Love Battery
16. Times Up
17. Love You More
18. Oh Shit
19. Boredom

Buzzcocks - Temple Beautiful, San Francisco 12-15-79

This is from a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. I Don't Mind
02. Autonomy
03. Ever Fallen In Love
04. Mad Mad Judy
05. Sixteen
06. Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
07. Noise Annoys
08. Love You More
09. What Do I Get?
10. Harmony In My Head
11. Everybody's Happy Nowadays
12. You Say You Don't Love Me
13. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
14. I Believe
15. Breakdown
16. Fast Cars
17. Boredom

Quads - The Collection 1979-1980

The Quads were a  Mod/Power Pop band from Birmingham England that released 3 singles in the years 1979-1980. In 1979 they recorded a session for John Peel and in 1980 they also had two songs on the Brum Beat Live at the Barrel Organ compilation LP. Here's a nice collection of most of their output. I'm missing the b-side to the second single and the compilation tracks. Does anyone have those? Very good sound quality.

discog here:
video here:

**UPDATE - styreneboy has supplied the missing b-side and I've added it to the collection and supplied a new link.

track list:
01. There Must Be Thousands   [1st Single 1979)
02. You've Gotta Jive   [1st Single 1979)
03. There's Never Been A Night   [2nd single 1979]
04. Take It  [2nd single 1979]
05. There Must Be Thousands   [John Peel Session 8-29-79]
06. I Know You Know   [John Peel Session 8-29-79]
07. Revision Time Blues   [John Peel Session 8-29-79]
08. There's Never Been A Night   [John Peel Session 8-29-79]
09. UFO   [3rd single 1980]
10. Astronauts Journey   [3rd single 1980]
11. Feel The Need For More   [demo 1980]

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Fizzbombs - Janice Long Session 6-24-87

These Fizzbombs were from Edinburgh Scotland and released two single between 1986 and 1988. They split up when two members left to join the Shop Assistants. Very nice 60s Garage sound. Radio broadcast. Excellent sound quality.

video here:
and here:
discog here:

track list:
01. Blue Summer
02. It's Not As Simple As That
03. Cherry Cherry
04. Beach Party

Zeros - John Peel Session 11-30-77

I posted this session on the old blog two years ago but that version was missing the song Solid State. Recently, the complete session started making the rounds. The Zeros were a great band it is a shame they never released more than a single and split single. A full album by them released in 1977-1978 would now be a classic of the era. Seems the band have been playing around the last few years with the original members. They have a Myspace page with additional old songs, including a demo version of Radio Fun, and some new ones plus info and photos. Radio broadcast. Very good sound.

track list:
01. Hungry
02. Easy Way Out
03. Nice Girls
04. Solid State

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Minor Threat - Rollerworks, Chatsworth California 4-02-83

There is a video of this show that was released on Flipside Video a couple of decades ago. This is a soundboard recording but it sounds like a different source than the video. It has some tape hiss but is very good sound quality.

Video here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Stand Up
02. Filler
03. It Follows
04. Screaming At A Wall
05. Steppin' Stone
06. Out Of Step
07. No Reason
08. 12XU
09. Little Friend
10. Guilty Of Being White
11. Betray
12. Bottled Violence
13. Think Again

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Newtown Neurotics - John Peel Session 3-07-83

Radio broadcast. Excellent sound quality.

track list:
01. Does Anyone One Know Where The March Is?
02. Life In Their Hands
03. Wake Up
04. Agony

Nostrils - Digital Album (2012)

Got this email from a band in the Ukraine yesterday. They sound pretty good so give them a listen. Their album is a free download.

"Hey guys!
I thought you might be interested in our band. We're from Ukraine, and we're playing our shitty punk songs for three years now. We've just released our second LP on our "Pathetic Records" label.
It's called "II", please, give it a listen:

Norton Records warehouse flooded in storm Sandy

 Norton Records warehouse flooded

Smokin Roadie - demo (1984)

NWOBHM band that released one single in 1983 before changing their name to Tempest. They later released an album under the band name The Now. Very good sound quality.

info here:
video here:

01. Overnight Stay
02. I'm So Sorry
03. Rock 'n' Roll Star
04. Little Dream
05. Memories
06. Why Why?
07. The End
08. Hell Fire

NWOBHM demos part 11: Damascus/Traitors Gate/Explorer/Tyrant

More very good quality stuff here.

info here:

Damascus video here:
Traitor's Gate video here:
Explorer video here:
Tyrant video here:

Damascus - demo (1984)
01. Fight Or Flight
02. Goodbye Harry
03. This Is It
04. Another Rainy Day
05. Predator

Traitors Gate - demo (1984)
01. Cheated
02. Shattered Illusion
03. Take A Chance On The Night
04. Hypnotised

Explorer - demo (1984)
01. The Flying Dutchman
02. Forgotten Warrior

Tyrant - demo (1984)
01. Haunted Dreams
02. Mirror Image

X - Jimmy's, New Orleans 9-27-81

This one is a very good soundboard recording. 

1st set: [from cassette tape]
01. It's Who You Know
02. Sex And Dying In High Society
03. In This House That I Call Home
04. Some Other Time
05. When Our Love Passed Out On The Couch
06. Los Angeles
07. Universal Corner
08. Beyond & Back
09. Real Child Of Hell
10. Nausea
11. Year 1
12. Johnny Hit And Run Paulene
13. Riding With Mary
14. How I (Learned My Lesson)
15. Sugarlight
16. Soul Kitchen

2nd set: [from cassette tape]
01. The Unheard Music
02. We're Desperate
03. Your Phone's Off The Hook, But You're Not
04. White Girl
05. How I (Learned My Lesson)
06. Los Angeles
07. The Once Over Twice
08. Beyond & Back
09. Johnny Hit And Run Paulene
10. I'm Coming Over
11. Riding With Mary
12. Sex And Dying In High Society
13. Year 1
14. The World's A Mess; It's In My Kiss
15. Sugarlight
16. Nausea

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Prime Movers - WERS, Boston 9-30-84

Here is a very good radio broadcast of Boston's Prime Movers for all the 80s Garage freaks out there.

discography here:
video here:
and here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Change For The Better
02. See That Girl
03. title unknown
04. Jump Up
05. title unknown
06. Left In The Dark
07. Matter Of Time
08. All That Cryin'
09. title unknown
10. Something Called Time
11. Slow Death
12. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
13. (Come To) Where It's At
14. dj outro

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Stranglers - De Maaspoort, Den Bosch Netherlands 6-15-83

This one is a radio broadcast with very good sound quality.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Nuclear Device (The Wizard Of Aus)
02. Toiler On The Sea
03. Ships That Pass In The Night
04. It's A Small World
05. No More Heroes
06. Who Wants The World?
07. Never Say Goodbye
08. Baroque Bordello
09. Golden Brown
10. Midnight Summer Dream
11. European Female
12. Tramp
13. The Raven
14. Duchess
15. London Lady
16. Down In The Sewer

Dogmatics - WERS, Boston 4-07-84 + 4-21-85

The Dogmatics were Boston's unsung heroes who existed from 1981 to 1986 in a time when Punk and underground music was basically dominated by hardcore. They went right on doing what they were doing and released two albums and a couple singles. Sadly, they came to an end when one of their members died in a motorcycle accident. Both these shows are radio broadcasts and the quality is very good.

more info here:
discography here:
video here:

@ WERS, Boston 4-07-84 [from cassette tape]
01). It's Alright
02). Good Looking Girls
03). King Size Cigarette
04). title unknown
05). Boll Weevil
06). Gimme The Shakes
07). Shithouse
08). Hardcore Rules
09). MTV O.D.
10). Pussy Whipped
11). title unknown
12). Red Hot/Whole Lotta Shakin'/Let's Have a Party
13). 20 Flight Rock
14). Sister Serena

@ WERS, Boston 4-21-85 [acoustic set] [from cassette tape]
01). Rattlin' Bog [Irish Folk song]
02). It's Late [Ricky Nelson]
03). My Little Sister's Got A Motorbike [Crazy Cavan]

Hangmen - Cleveland + Buffalo 1989

Here are two audience recordings from the Hangmen's 1989 US tour. Both have good sound but the Buffalo show has a lot of tape hiss and is not complete. On The Cleveland show that end with a nice version of the Undertones song Teenage Kicks.

@ Cleveland Ohio 9-23-89: [from cassette tape]
01. Rumble
02. Last Drive
03. Tell Me What You Want
04. Slow Death
05. Her Song
06. My Way
07. Rotten Sunday
08. Kiss From You
09. I Luv U
10. Over For You
11. Desperation Town
12. Coal Mine
13. Cry Cry Cry
14. Teenage Kicks

@ Sinbad's, Buffalo NY 10-04-89
01. Rumble
02. Last Drive
03. Tell Me What You Want
04. Slow Death
05. Her Song
06. My Way
07. Rotten Sunday
08. Kiss From You
09. I Luv U
10. Desperation Town
11. Coal Mine