Monday, August 31, 2020

Avengers - Masque, Los Angeles 11-25-77

This might be the earliest live recording of The Avengers. It's recorded from the audience and sound qulity is good. [from cassette tape]

01. The American In Me
02. We Are The One
03. Car Crash
04. Desperation
05. Summer Of Hate
06. Teenage Rebel
07. Open Your Eyes
08. No Martyr
09. I Believe In Me
10. Paint It Black

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dead Kennedys/Germs/Bags - Masque, Los Angeles 12-31-78

This is the third time I've posted this Bags set and the second time I've posted this Dead Kennedys set. Nothing new on the Bags set but this tape for Dead Kennedys has the encore which the other tape did not, although Rawhide cuts off and is only a small fraction of the song. I've never seen this set of The Germs around before. It has all the songs we know and love with the addition of a live version of Round And Round. I think I used to have a photocopy of the flyer for this show in the 1980s but lost it long ago. Does anyone have it? All sets were recorded from the audience and sound quality is good.

Dead Kennedys setlist:
01. Forward To Death
02. Kill The Poor
03. Kepone Kids
04. Dreadlocks Of The Suburbs
05. Your Emotions
06. Straight A's
07. Police Truck
08. Gaslight
09. Short Songs
10. The Man With The Dogs
11. Ill In The Head
12. I Kill Children
13. Holiday In Cambodia
14. California Uber Alles
15. Rawhide (cut)

Germs setlist:
01. What We Do Is Secret
02. Strange Notes
03. Forming
04. Dragon Lady
05. No God
06. Manimal
07. Lexicon Devil
08. The Slave
09. Our Way
10. Richie Dagger's Crime
11. Shut Down (Annihilation Man)
12. Circle One
13. Round And Round

Bags setlist:
01. title unknown
02. Violent Girl
03. Myths
04. Suffering
05. Looking For You
06. title unknown
07. Babylonian Gorgon
08. We Don't Need The English
09. title unknown
10. title unknown
11. title unknown
12. Chainsaw
13. Sanyo Theme
14. TV Dinner
15. Survive
16. We Will Bury You
17. title unknown

Bags - Masque, Los Angeles 1978

Here's a Bags show I don't think has been in circulation before. The tape cover says it was recorded 10-77 but since most of these songs were written by Craig Lee and he only joined the band in January 1978, this show is probably from early 1978. Also, before the first song someone (probably Craig Lee) says, "ready Terry?" which could mean Terry Graham was the drummer and he only joined the band in March 1978. The setlist is also the same early songs they played on the Live At The Masque comp. CD and the live at the Troubadour video in February 1978 with the addition of the new great song Poseur. This was recorded from the audience and sound quality is good. Alive introduces track 7 but I cannot understand what she says for the song title.


01. Violent Girl
02. TV Dinner
03. Poseur
04. Survive
05. We Will Bury You
06. Chainsaw
07. title unknown
08. Animal Call

U.X.A./391/Vidiots - Blackies, Los Angeles 12-29-79

The Vidiots are most well known for having one song on the V.A. Rodney On The ROQ volume 1 LP which happened to be the only song they were able to release during their existence. The band started in 1978 as the Audio Vidiots and only played their first show during the summer of 1979. The line up was never stable but the Vidiots did enter the studio and recorded several demos in 1979 and 1980. By the end of 1980 the band was done. Since 2006 there is a cd-r in circulation of some of their recordings. 391 consisted of Jeff Olener, former singer for The Nuns, plus three members of the band Seizure who released one single in 1978. The band formed during the summer 1979 and played regularly around Los Angeles. In 1981 their only release, a 4-song 12inch ep, was released on Posh Boy Records. U.X.A. formed in 1977 in San Francisco and were together on and off until the late 1990s with singer De De Troit being the only constant member. In 1979 the band had three songs on the Tooth And Nail comp. LP followed by a full LP in 1980 that was released on Posh Boy Records in Los Angeles. It seems this night at Blackies was a Posh Boy Records night with all three bands being on that label. I don't think the Vidiots or 391 shows are complete as the first songs on their tapes cut in. All sets are recorded from the audience and sound quality is good. (Even though the 391 tape says Nuns it's actually 391.)

Vidiots info:
391 info:
Seizure info:
U.X.A. info:

Vidiots setlist:
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. title unknown
06. title unknown

391 setlist:
01. Searching For A Thrill
02. Walking The Beat
03. The Kids Gonna Do It
04. title unknown
05. Suicide Child

U.X.A setlist:
01. Death From Above
02. Tragedies
03. I Don't Lose Sleep
04. You Saw Me
05. Sister Godfrieda
06. Hand In Glove
07. No Time
08. U.X.A.
09. Paranoia Is Freedom
10. 1995
11. Innocent Bystander

Gotta Keep Movin'

       I hope everyone is surviving the covid-19 pandemic okay. The summer heat isn't doing me any kindnesses and even though I have all kinds of time on my hands I haven't felt like doing much because of the temperatures. And, while I haven't posted anything here in a little while I haven't given up but I have been digitizing some stuff for a friends blog. His blog is Freedom Has No Bounds and is dedicated to posting video and audio of bands from Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania, as well as, national and international bands that have played in the Philadelphia area over the years. So go over there and grab some stuff. 

       On a similar note, I became a tape trader in 1982/3 and traded all the way up to the late 1990s when everything went digital with CD-Rs. That's when the tapes went into boxes and stacked in the closet. I started digitizing some tapes about 20 years ago but it was an overwhelming task because I had so many. Plus, I was also busy with other things. When it came time to move to a new residence in 2014 I decided I didn't want the tapes anymore and no one I knew was really interested in them, either. But I heard that a tape trader friend I had in the 1980s had donated her tapes to the Maximum Rock 'n' Roll tape archive. I thought that was a good idea so I also contacted MRR and asked if they wanted my tapes. They did and they said they would digitize them, which I thought was also great. In 2014/2015 I sent them most of the hardcore part of my collection. Over the years I surfed the net looking to see if any of those tapes had been digitized and posted on websites or blogs. But, I never found anything until about 1.5 years ago. Some things started showing up on two blogs run by the same guy. Escape Is Terminal and Terminal Escape are those two blogs.

       Most of the posts on Escape Is Terminal from April 2019 to the present are from tapes that were apart of my collection. And, on Terminal Escape, which is only for demo tapes, the War Of Destruction, Abeyance, Syphilitics, Just A Product, Johnny Rotten, Sham 69/Jimmy Pursey, v.a. This Tape Sucks, Youth Brigade (DC), Murder Burger, Self Abuse, and a few others are from my old tapes. So you can see what my tape collection looked like in the 1980s. Of course both blogs have a lot of great stuff posted so you should go over there and fill your harddrive with lots of great stuff. 
       All my posts for Australia and New Zealand are finished and I had been planning to post stuff from Europe next followed by a lot of stuff from England. However, almost a year ago I got in a small collection of tapes of mostly Punk stuff from California covering the years 1976 to about 1980 and a few things from the early 1980s including some uncirculated live recordings and a few demos by known and unknown bands. So, the next posts are gonna be all that California stuff. I also have California stuff from two other tape collections plus Cali stuff from another collection. I think the rest of the year is gonna be all California. 

       And finally, on September 13th it will be 10 years since I started blogging. I really started this blog because at the time I had a class where I had to learn how to make a blog and use html. The content I had to post on my class blog was all class related and boring so I thought I could learn blogging better if I made a blog posting stuff that interested me. Ten years on and it has worked out very well and digitizing tapes has become a little time consuming hobby. Some days I wonder if I should keep going for another ten years or move on to other things. I have access to thousands of tapes and could easily keep going for a long long time. 

Let's see where things go.