Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rezillos - Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh 12-23-11 + BBC interview 6-16-12

Here's a very recent live recording of the Rezillos that shows they still got it. They basically play a standard Rezillos set with two newer songs and one brand new one titled You're So Deep. I found this one on Guitars101 so if you want the original post go here:
I did a slight bit of editing to this version. I've also included a recent interview Faye and Eugene did with Liz Hershaw.

Photos from the show here:
Video from the show here:

@ Liquid Rooms, Edinburgh 12-23-11
01. Destination Venus
02. Flying Saucer Attack
03. Mystery Action
04. Getting Me Down
05. Yesterday's Tormentor
06. Cold Wars
07. Out Of This World
08. 2000 A.D.
09. It Gets Me
10. You're So Deep
11. Bad Guy Reaction
12. Top Of The Pops
13. My Baby Does Good Sculptures
14. River Deep Mountain High [Ike & Tina Turner]
15. I Cant Stand My Baby
16. Rosalyn [Pretty Things]
17. Somebody's Gonna Get There Head Kicked In Tonight

@ Liz Kershaw Show BBC6 6-16-12
01). interview

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Abergaz - Minimalizam Megalomanije (2012)

I got this message from a band in Croatia. Check' em out!


Punks from Zagreb, Croatia here! Feel free to check out our newest album and download it for free or with donation here:

video here:
and here:

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Greyhound - BBC Session 6-29-71

Greyhound were an early 1970s British Reggae band. I don't know which show this was recorded for. Sound quality is excellent.

Some info here:

track list:
01. Singer Man
02. Moonwalk
03. 54-46 Was My Number

Judy Nylon/Idols - Max's, NYC 5-03-78

Judy Nylon was part of a band called Snatch in London with Patti Palladin. In 1977 they released their first single on the Lightning record label. In 1978 they released their second single also on Lightning. A third single appeared in 1980 and finally in 1983 an LP of single tracks and demos was released. On this show Jerry Nolan from NewYork Dolls and Idols plays drums and Steve Dior from Idols plays bass. This might be the only show where you will hear an ex NY Doll playing drums on Buzzcocks and Sex Pistols songs. Both songs from the second snatch single are played here and all the original songs would eventually be released on that 1983 album. This is an audience recording with good sound.

Discography here:

Judy Nylon - Max's, NYC 5-03-78
1st set:
01. Trial By Fire
02. When I'm Bored
03. Credit
04. All I Want
05. Breakdown [Buzzcocks]
06. Times Up [Buzzcocks]
07. Amputee
08. Submission [Sex Pistols]
09. Baby's On Fire [Brian Eno]
10. Trial By Fire

2nd set:
11. Trial By Fire
12. When I'm Bored
13. All I Want
14. Credit
15. Breakdown [Buzzcocks]
16. Times Up [Buzzcocks]
17. Amputee
18. Submission [Sex Pistols]
19. Baby's On Fire [Brian Eno]

Idols - Max's, NYC 5-03-78: [from cassette tape]
01. Biggest Splash
02. Girl That I Love
03. F.I.X.
04. Centerfold
05. Too Right Wing

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Idols - Max's, NYC 1978 [ex-New York Dolls/Heartbreakers]

These Idols were from New York City and featured Jerry Nolan from New York Dolls and Heartbreakers on drums along with Steve Dior and Barry Jones on guitars and vocals. They released one single in 1979 that has Arthur Kane from New York Dolls playing bass but who does not appear on these shows. These live shows were recorded from the audience and the sound quality is good. On the May show they opened for Judy Nylon and on the June show the Stimulators opened for them.

Info here:
Some info here:
Single here:
Steve Dior's new band here:

@ Max's, NYC 5-03-78: [from cassette tape]
01. Biggest Splash
02. Girl That I Love
03. F.I.X.
04. Centerfold
05. Too Right Wing

@ Max's, NYC 6-25-78
set 1:
01. Bigger Splash
02. Centerfold
03. F.I.X.
04. Girl That I Love
05. You're Too Right Wing
06. Take A Chance
07. You

set 2:
08. Bigger Splash
09. Centerfold
10. F.I.X.
11. Girl That I Love
12. You're Too Right Wing
13. Take A Chance
14. You
15. Shotgun
16. Human Being

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Heartbreakers - CBGB, NYC 7-23-76

This is an audience recording and is their first show starring Billy Rath on the bass guitar. Sound quality is good.

1st Set:
01. Do You Love Me [Contours]
02. Take A Chance
03. I Love You
04. Flight
05. It's Not Enough
06. So Alone
07. Chinese Rocks
08. Pirate Love
09. Born To Lose
10. Get Off the Phone
11. I Wanna Be Loved

2nd Set:
12. Baby Talk
13. I Can Tell [Bo Diddly]
14. Going Steady
15. Can't Keep My Eyes On You
16. It's Not Enough
17. Take A Chance
18. Born to Lose
19. Chinese Rocks
20. Pirate Love
21. I Love You
22. Get Off The Phone
23. I Wanna Be Loved

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Gas - Almost Complete Collection 1979-1982

In 1979 two members of The Gas were in a Pub Rock/New Wave band named Sneaky Feelings after an Elvis Costello song. That band released one single. When the Sneaky Feelings split Donnie Burke (lead vocals, guitar) and Dell Vickers (bass) recruited Leslie Sampson (drums) to form The Gas. The Gas released five singles and two LPs between 1980 and 1982 on the Polydor label. Sadly, none of these releases have ever been re-released on CD or vinyl. More recently Donnie Burke has been playing in an Americana Country Blues band named Roadhouse Dogs.

Roadhouse Dogs info here:
And here:

Sneeky Feelin's - Single (1979):
01. Private Mail
02. Only the Rain (Can Wash Away The Tears)

Gas - The Singles Collection 1980-1982:
01. It Shows In Your Face [1st Single 1980]
02. Tomorrow [1st single 1980]
03. Ignore Me [2nd single 1981]
04. Do It, Don't Tell Me [2nd single 1981]
05. Treatment [3rd Single 1981]
06. That's It [3rd single 1981]
07. The Finger [4th Single 1981]
08. Knock It Down [4th single 1981]
09. Breathless [5th single 1982]
10. Heartache [5th single 1982]
11. Hostage [5th single 1982]

Gas - Emotional Warfare (1981):
01. Devastated
02. The Outside
03. Possessions
04. The Finger
05. Love Bites
06. Losing My Patience
07. Definitely Is a Lie
08. Wasted Passion
09. Burning Inside
10. Treatment

Gas - From The Cradle To The Grave (1982):
01. From The Cradle To The Grave
02. Swallow
03. Haunted House
04. The Boy Who Would Be King
05. Breaking Point
06. All The Rage
07. The Reason
08. Look What Love Has Done To Me
09. Faith, Hope And Charity
10. Call Of The Wild

Corpse Grinders - CBGB, NYC 1978

Corpse Grinders are a famous New York City band that featured Rick Rivits who was a member of the New York Dolls before they were called the New York Dolls and Arthur Kane who was a member of the New York Dolls and played on their two classic albums. The Corpse Grinders were only around for little more than a year and released one classic single. In the early 1980s they reformed and recorded two weak albums before disappearing and in 2001 an LP of demos and live tracks was also released. These two live recordings from 1978 will give you an idea of what a Corpse Grinders album would have sounded like in 1978 had they released one. Arthur Kane plays bass only on the first show. They are both audience recordings and the sound quality is good.

@ CBGB, NYC 5-06-78 (Johnny Blitz Benefit)
01. Diamond Head [Ventures]
02. I Don't Need It
03. Pretty Baby
04. Bury The Past
05. Valley Of Fear
06. Frozen Alive
07. Don't Know Why
08. Rites For Whites

@ CBGB, NYC 9-17-78
01. Frozen Alive
02. Crying In My Beer
03. City Rocker
04. Mental Morons
05. Basket Case
06. Rites 4 Whites
07. Train Kept A Rollin' [Johnny Burnette]

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rock Scene Magazine online

An old friend sent me this link to a blog that has all issues of Rock Scene magazine online for viewing. Rock Scene magazine was from New York City from 1973 to 1982The magazine was mainly a photo magazine that primarily covered the New York scene and New York bands but also stretched around the world, as well. I discovered this magazine in 1977 and thought it was the best one out bthere because it had lots of photos and little text. I think the photos told the story best. There is lots of Punk Rock in these issues, even more than what's listed on the covers, and when I have a chance I'll put together a list of all the bands and what issues they are in.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Punk Rock on BBC6

Most of these programs are only archived for listening for one week. So, if you haven't heard these before listen soon. There is much very interesting stuff here.

Men in Black: The Stranglers Story

My Way: The Sid Vicious Story

A Punk Tale of Two Cities

Spellbound: The John McGeoch Story

The Stiff Records Story

The Clash in New York and Shea Stadium

Seven More Days That Rocked the World; The Sex Pistols play Manchester

Never Mind the Horlicks: Punk at Middle Age

Liverpool: The New Wave

The Jam: Made in Britain

Joe Strummer's London Calling

Anarchy in the UK

Buzzcocks; Story Of

Punk Britannia clips

These are not available to watch outside the UK. Anyone watched these?

Punk Britannia

Has anyone watched this on BBC4??

We Who Wait: TV Smith & the Adverts

Has anyone watched this on BBC4??

Thursday, June 7, 2012

NWOBHM demos part 12: Blue Blud/TNT/Ore/Dealer

Very good sound quality.

info here:

Blue Blud video here:
TNT video here:
Ore video here:
Dealer video here:

Blue Blud - demo (1984)
01. It Never Rains In England
02. Real Live Love
03. Beat Of The Night
04. The Girl Is Hot

TNT - 2nd demo (1984)
01. Female Vigilante
02. Ride The Wind

Ore - demo (1984)
01. Natural Reaction
02. Alternatives

Dealer - Demo (1984)
01. The Final Conflict
02. Money Is Your Passport
03. Looking For A Reason

Monday, June 4, 2012

Syphilitics - You Got Nothing 1996-1998

Let's step into the 1990s this time with The Syphilitics. They were from Cincinnati Ohio and existed from 1995 to 1998. In that time they recorded three demos and only two of their songs ever got officially released, both on compilation 7" eps. The first comp. was titled Blasts From The Pasts vol. 1 (info here: and had a song from their second demo on it. The other was titled Contents Under Pressure and had a song from their last demo on it. They rarely ever played outside the Cincinnati area. In 1998 the rhythm section left and they changed their name to Black Trans Am and their sound to a more Turbonegro influence sound. Syphilitics were my favorite Punk band in the 1990s. Plenty of snot and attitude for your listening pleasure. From cassette tape.

track list:
01. Hippy Generation
02. I Don't Feel Sorry For You
03. Beautiful
04. Bad Person
05. Leave Me Alone [from Blasts From The Pasts vol. 1 comp.]
06. 1150 W. 8th [from Contents Under Pressure comp.]
07. Feed My Disease
08. Ballin' In The Bathroom
09. Learn To Grow
10. Gimme Enough
11. Feel Like Falling In Love
12. Gut Shot
13. High School Freakboy
14. Jedi Beer Drinker
15. Preppy Little Bitch
16. Alex
17. You Got Nothing

tracks 1-5 Centsless demo 1996 [2nd demo]
tracks 6-12 Demo 1998 [3rd demo]
tracks 13-16 Basement demo 1996 [1st demo]
track 17 Live at Top Cats, Cincinatti Ohio 1998

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Special Archives for Pat Duncan's show on WFMU

Here is another online archive for listening to live shows. This archive covers the broadcasts of this radio show from the year 2000 to 2009. There are some 1970s Punk bands (reunion shows, of course) and some 1980s hardcore - U.S. and European, plus lots of newer bands as well. Look and listen. RealAudio required, though.

Rezillos - Radio Interview + comp tracks 1977/1978

Here is a very interesting radio interview with Jo Callis and Faye Fife from BBC Radio in 1978 talking about their new album. Sound quality is very good. Also, I've included here the three Rezillos songs that appear on the rare Scottish Kultchur compilation LP that was released in 1979. These songs were recorded in 1977 and are either unreleased demo tracks or outtakes from one of their singles recording sessions. The complete LP is available here:

BBC Radio Interview 1978:
01. interview

V.A. Scottish Kultchur (1979):
01. Can't Stand My Baby
02. Getting Me Down
03. (My Baby Does) Good Sculptures

Revillos - Live 1981 + Session 1996

I have avoided putting these shows on the blog because I believe they are easily found in blogland but since I haven't got much new stuff to post at the moment I'll add them for those who still might not have them. The Colchester show is an audience recording that is off a vinyl bootleg album. The sound quality is good. The Colwyn Bay show is a soundboard recording and has a couple songs that didn't get released in the day. The sound quality is very good. The Mark Radcliffe session is from their reunion period and is off a radio broadcast. The four songs they play have been officially released in 1999 on the Wireless Recordings CD. This recording includes the interview with the band and the deejays in-between song announcements. Sound quality is very good.

@ Colchester Institute, Colchester England 5-81
01. Motorbike Beat
02. Bongo Brain
03. Mind-Bending Cutie Doll
04. Hip City (You Were Meant for Me)
05. Your Baby's Gone
06. Scuba Boy Bop
07. Do the Mutilation
08. She's Fallen in Love with a Monster Man
09. Where's the Boy for Me?
10. Boys
11. Hippy Hippy Shake

@ Colwyn Bay, Wales 7-81
01. Secret of the Shadow
02. Motorbike Beat
03. Bongo Brain
04. Caveman Raveman
05. Mindbending Cutie Doll
06. Voodoo
07. Your Baby's Gone
08. Scuba Boy Bop
09. Sputnik Kiss
10. Big Shot
11. Man Attack
12. She's Fallen in Love With a Monster Man
13. Snatzomobile
14. Do the Mutilation
15. Boys
16. Hippy Hippy Shake

@ Mark Radcliffe Show, BBC 3-25-96
 01. -interview-
02. Hip City
03. -dj Mark Lamarr 1
04. -dj Mark Lamarr 2
05. Last Of The Secret Agents
06. -interview-
07. Motorcycle Beat
08. -interview-
09. Crush
10. -interview-

999 - Capital Radio Session Feb/Mar 1978

This one is also commonly found in blogland but it is posted for the pleasure that is 999. Sound quality is very good.

track list:
01. Emergency
02. Crazy
03. Me and My Desire

Love Pirates - Demo 1991 + Rehearsal 1992

Love Pirates was one of the many band that features Sami Yaffa from Hanoi Rocks, Fallen Angels, Johnny Thunders, New York Dolls etc. 

some info:
video here:
and here:
Myspace here:

Demo 1991:
01. Dangerous Game
02. Miss Smarty Pants
03. Waste Of Time
04. I'll Walk The Plank For You
05. Show Your Face
06. Penetration Sensation

Rehearsals, NYC 1992:
01. Party
02. That's Life
03. Apocalypse Blues
04. We Got A Right
05. All Time Low

Menace - Wolverhampton England 10-31-78

Legendary band. Audience recording. Good listen.

01. Screwed Up
02. Tomorrow's World
03. Electrocutioner
04. Live For Today
05. Last Years Youth
06. Insane Society
07. Punk Rocker
08. I Like Chips
09. Carry No Banners
10. The Young Ones [Cliff Richard]
11. I'm Civilized
12. GLC
13. Screwed Up
14. GLC
15. Insane Society

Johnny Moped - Brixton Ace, London 3-24-83

Here's a good audience recording from Johnny Moped.  There's one song in this show that was new at the time and has never been released. It's about the fox hunters. I don't know a title for it.

01. VD Boiler
02. Somethin' Else [Eddie Cochran]
03. Hell Razor
04. Make Trouble
05. Save The Baby Seals
06. Maniac
07. Musical Bore
08. Fuck Off Fox Hunters
09. Little Queenie [Chuck Berry]
10. Incendiary Device
11. Hard Lovin' Man

Johnny Moped - Marquee, London 7-07-77

Johnny Moped! Audience recording! Slightly distorted sound! You need this! The Damned cover from this show has been officially  released on The Johnny Moped Bootleg Tapes Volumes I And II!

01. Groovy Ruby
02. Wild Breed
03. Little Queenie [Chuck Berry]
04. Maniac
05. VD Boiler
06. Hell Razor
07. 3D Time
08. Something Else [Eddie Cochran]
09. Panic Button
10. Incendiary Device
11. No One
12. Hard Lovin' Man
13. New Rose [Damned]