Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Judy Nylon/Idols - Max's, NYC 5-03-78

Judy Nylon was part of a band called Snatch in London with Patti Palladin. In 1977 they released their first single on the Lightning record label. In 1978 they released their second single also on Lightning. A third single appeared in 1980 and finally in 1983 an LP of single tracks and demos was released. On this show Jerry Nolan from NewYork Dolls and Idols plays drums and Steve Dior from Idols plays bass. This might be the only show where you will hear an ex NY Doll playing drums on Buzzcocks and Sex Pistols songs. Both songs from the second snatch single are played here and all the original songs would eventually be released on that 1983 album. This is an audience recording with good sound.

Discography here: http://www.skysaw.org/onu/discography/judynylondiscog.html#jn-snatch

Judy Nylon - Max's, NYC 5-03-78
1st set:
01. Trial By Fire
02. When I'm Bored
03. Credit
04. All I Want
05. Breakdown [Buzzcocks]
06. Times Up [Buzzcocks]
07. Amputee
08. Submission [Sex Pistols]
09. Baby's On Fire [Brian Eno]
10. Trial By Fire

2nd set:
11. Trial By Fire
12. When I'm Bored
13. All I Want
14. Credit
15. Breakdown [Buzzcocks]
16. Times Up [Buzzcocks]
17. Amputee
18. Submission [Sex Pistols]
19. Baby's On Fire [Brian Eno]

Idols - Max's, NYC 5-03-78: [from cassette tape]
01. Biggest Splash
02. Girl That I Love
03. F.I.X.
04. Centerfold
05. Too Right Wing


  1. The Judy Nylon sets are the best I've ever heard from them (or Snatch) Thanks for unleashing it for my ears!!!


  2. Thanks a lot for The Idols tapes...much appreciated.
    Cheers Orvar66....From The Chatterbox forum.