Saturday, February 24, 2018

Chris Stamey Group - Folk City, NYC 12-18-85

Chris Stamey is well known for being a member of the Db's. Here he is giving a Christmas concert backed up by members of the Db's. This is an audience recording and sound quality is good.

setlist: [from cassette]
01. title unknown
02. Little Drummer Boy
03. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
04. O Holy Night
05. Jingle Bell Rock
06. Silent Night
07. Greensleeves

Monday, February 19, 2018

Bongos - 1st Ave., Minneapolis 10-24-83

The Bongos were a New Wave Powerpop band from New York City that released a couple of albums in the early 1980s. This recording is an audience recording and has good sound quality.


setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. Tiger Nights
03. title unknown
04. Bulrushes
05. Automatic Doors
06. title unknown
07. Burning Bush
08. Number With Wings
09. Three Wise Men
10. title unknown
11. Barbarella
12. title unknown
13. In The Congo
14. title unknown
15. title unknown
16. Mambo Sun
17. title unknown
18. Sunshine Superman

Fleshstones - London Victory Club, Philadelphia, 9-28-82

This is from a radio broadcast and has excellent sound quality.

01. Captivate Me
02. Instrumental
03. Screamin' Skull
04. Ride Your Pony
05. Shadow Line
06. Sting Ray Dancers
07. The Drag
08. What's So New (About You)
09. I've Gotta Change My Life
10. Boss Hoss
11. All Around The World
12. Burnin' Hell
13. Roman Gods
14. Nobody But Me
15. Vindicator's Theme
16. Time Has Come Today
17. Stop Foolin' Around

Stiletto's Fad - Hurrah, NYC 6-12-79

Stiletto's Fad were originally know as Stiletto and were formed in the early 1970s by Edna Gentile, on vocals, and Sheebo Duvar, on drums. Before leaving to form Blondie, Debby Harry and Chris Stein were both members. The band stopped in 1975 and then started again in 1979. On this show Edna and Sheebo are joined by Mugsy Harlot (who was in the early 1970s band Harlots Of 42nd Street and who were rivals of the New York Dolls) on bass, Eddie Spaghetti,Ron Slater,and Cheetah Chrome on Guitars and Tish and Snookie on backing vocals. Cheetah Chrome also sings on tracks 5,6 and 7. Cheetah writes about playing with this band in his book, on page 263. This is an audience recording and has good sound quality.

01. I'm Tired Of Love
02. Gonna Rock Tonight
03. Anti-Disco
04. Pain
05. Still Wanna Die
06. So Sad
07. Shake Some Action
08. Mercer Street
09. Jerk Off Blues

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Blondie - Walnut Street Theater, Philadelphia 11-06-78

Here's Blondie live in Philadelphia. Johnny Thunders guests on the encore of the T-Rex classic. This is from a radio broadcast. Sound quality is excellent.

01. X-Offender
02. Hanging On The Telephone
03. Picture This
04. 11:59
05. Pretty Baby
06. Your Presence Dear
07. Sunday Girl
08. Denis
09. I'm On The E
10. I'm Gonna Love You
11. One Way Or Another
12. Get It On [with Johnny Thunders]

Friday, February 16, 2018

Velvet Underground - Second Fret, Philadelphia 5-70

In May 1970 the V.U. played three shows at the Second Fret coffeehouse, the 8th, 9th and 10th. This set is from one of those shows. The band on this recording features only Lou Reed, Sterling Morrison, and Doug Yule. It's an audience recording that was recorded from the back. Sound quality is good.

V.U. gigography:

01. Waiting For The Man
02. What Goes On
03. Cool It Down
04. Sweet Jane
05. Rock & Roll
06. Some Kinda Love
07. New Age
08. Candy Says
09. Head Held High
10. Train Round The Bend
11. Oh! Sweet Nuthin'