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Martha & The Muffins - Spize, Farmingdale NY 5-03-83

Martha And The Muffins were a New Wave band from Toronto Canada who had one massive worldwide hit in 1980 with the song Echo Beach, which, in my opinion, is one of the greatest summer songs of all time. On this show the band are playing mostly songs from their recently released fourth album, which is a bit more dance-y than the pop of their first album. This is from a radio broadcast and sound quality is excellent.


01. Danseparc (Every Day It's Tomorrow)
02. Women Around The World At Work
03. Walking Into Walls
04. World Without Borders
05. Several Styles Of Blond Girls Dancing
06. Sins Of Children
07. Boys In The Bushes
08. This Is The Ice Age
09. Echo Beach

Nash The Slash - CNE Coliseum, Toronto 7-16-80

Nash The Slash was a synth pop artist from Canada who released a bunch of records starting in 1978. He had a couple of hits in the UK and was an opener for Gary Numan during 1980-1980. This recording is an audience recording. The person recording it stop the recorder between the songs so it is a bit choppy. Sound quality is good.


setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Children Of The Night
02. Dopes On The Water
03. Dead Man's Curve
04. title unknown

Want List #5 1985 Hardcore Punk Demos

Here is one more list of demos that are reviewed in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll zine issues #26,#27,#28,#29 and #31. This takes it up to December 1985. I am especially interested min the stuff from Alaska and Bielefeld Germany.

I'm not collecting the tapes but would be quite happy to have them in mp3 format. I just want to hear them first and maybe add them to the blog to get them some circulation. If you have something and want to trade send me an email. I'm sure some of these have been bootlegged, released on vinyl/CD or have been put up on YouTube but I'm sure a lot of them haven't.

Demo Tapes #5
III Kategorija – demo (Ljubljana Yugoslavia; 1985)
A Few Chairs – demo (Eugene OR; 1985)
Abreaction – Prepare For War demo (Merseyside England; 1985)
Agrophobic Array – We’re Not Part Of Society demo (Manchester NH; 1985)
Asbestos Rockpyle – Festival Of Fun, vol. 1 demo (Santa Cruz CA, 1985)
Asbestos Rockpyle – Hated And Despised demo (Santa Cruz CA; 1985)
Ash Tradition – demo (Costa Mesa CA; 1985)
Ash Tradition – Punks Just Wanna Have Fun demo (Costa Mesa CA; 1985)
Assault – demo (Oceano CA; 1985)
Atrox – Senza Tregua demo (Milan Italy; 1985)
Blue Marbellas – Down In The Basement demo (Vancouver Canada; 1985)
Born Without A Face – Freakshow demo (Grand Rapids MI; 1985)
Caustic Defiance – Enough Talk demo (Peoria IL; 1985)
Clyng-Ons – Hide Your Eskimos demo (Anchorage AK; 1985)
Destructive Youth Patrol – demo (San Marcos CA; 1985)
Dezerter – Still Living man demo (Poland; 1985)
Disgust – Trash Back!!! demo (Venlo Holland; 1985)
Distemper – Up Against The Wall demo (Greenock Scotland; 1985)
EMG – demo (Carbondale IL; 1985)
Eggbert – Dern That Kudzu (Roanoke VA; 1985)
End Product – Fun On The Day After demo (Mahopac NY; 1985)
End Result – Rambo Church (Melbourne Australia; 1985)
Eyes On Your – There Is A Happy Land (Nottingham England; 1985)
Faded Glory – Death Zone demo (Winston-Salem NC; 1985)
Final Conflict – demo (Cypress CA; 1985)
G.R.B. – demo (Barcelona Spain; 1985)
Generic – Join The Conspiracy demo (Newcastle England; 1985)
HH Milch – demo (Hamburg Germany; 1985)
Immoral Minority – Retaliation demo (Vancouver Canada; 1985)
In Or Out – demo (Warwickshire England; 1985)
Kids For Cash – demo (Burke VA; 1985)
Laitz – Balance Of Power demo (Volendam Holland; 1985)
Larries – demo (Vienna WV; 1985)
Like A Horse – demo (Columbia MO; 1985)
MIR – Mindecision demo (Roanoke VA; 1985)
Mayhem – Violent Noise At Extreme Speed (New York NY, 1985)
Mole – Karl Fucker Zimmergeschaft demo (Sarasota Springs NY; 1985)
NRK – demo (Bankfield WI; 1985)
NRK – Live cassette (Milwaukee WI; 1985)
Oh, Dev – 84/85 Mania demo (Venlo Holland; 1985)
Oigasm – Enkle Reis Nunspeet demo (Volendam Holland; 1985)
Painkillers – 17 Cuts Of Pain demo (Scenmore NY; 1985)
Peasants With Pitchforks – demo (Philadelphia PA; 1985)
Pent-Up Aggression – Defining The Problem demo (Des Moines IA; 1985)
Pin Prick – demo (Toulouse Frabce; 1985)
Psychodrama – Traumarama demo (Chantilly VA; 1985)
Psyclones – Cult Leader Gang-Rapes By Disciples demo (Eureka CA; 1985)
S.F.N. (Stands For Nothing) – First Thing I Ever Did Was Cry demo (Centerport NY; 1985)
Sarcastic Orgasm – demo (Washington DC; 1985)
Savage Amused – Mind Cure 1985 demo (Pittsburgh PA; 1985)
Scoundrels – Ufreet Toe Moef demo (Zundert Holland; 1985)
Shades Of Grey – Humble Friction demo (Twin Falls ID; 1985)
Shithaus – Live Crush demo (Providence RI; 1985)
Short Notice – Blond Sex God! demo (Lawrence KS; 1985)
Subculture – I Like Girls, I Love Nature demo (Pfafftown NC; 1985)
Substitutes – It Crawled From The Swamps demo (Jacksonville FL; 1985)
Nuclear – Tape #2 demo (Augsburg Germany; 1985)
Rapt – Live In Ecardenville demo (France; 1985)
VOA/Butt Acne – Butt-Core demo (Easterville IL; 1985)
Wallmen – Eel Vibes From The Voodoo Kitten demo (Syracuse NY; 1985)
Women In Drag – demo (Albuquerque NM; 1985)
Verdun – demo (France; 1985)
Violent Coercion – House Of Terror demo (El Cerrito CA; 1985)
Your Worst Nightmare – War mad World (Newark DE; 1985)
X Creta – 13 Reception demo (Affligen Belgium; 1985)

V.A. AJZ Live Trash (Bielefeld Germany; 1985)
V.A. Alles Stirbt (Wuppertal Germany; 1985)
V.A. Crabtowne (Annapolis MD; 1985)
V.A. Cursed Earth (Albuquerque NM; 1985)
V.A. Dawn Of A New age (Bristol England; 1985)
V.A. Demtia 5 (Toronto Canada; 1985)
V.A. Der Idiotische Hustensaft (Dortmund Germany; 1985)
V.A. Dosao Je Kraj (Beograd Yugoslavia; 1985)
V.A. Fa Framtida Tilbake (Palmafossen Norway; 1985)
V.A. The Final Solution (Augsburg Germany; 1985)
V.A. Ground Zero (Enveneda Mexico; 1985)
V.A. Hideous & Headchop’n (Bellingham WA; 1985)
V.A. Illusions Of Beauty (Memphis TN; 1985)
V.A. Just An American Band (Winston-Salem NC; 1985)
V.A. Kloak-Mix 3 (Linkoping Sweden; 1985)
V.A. La Lucha Contimua!!! (Barcelona Spain; 1985)
V.A. Message From Camp Sunshine (Brighton England; 1985)
V.A. Moose Nuggets (Anchorage AK; 1985)
V.A. No Enemies, Please! (Randolph MA; 1985)
V.A. Now Is The Time To Act (Leeds England; 1985)
V.A. Punk Revolution (Jyvashyla Finland; 1985)
V.A. Revenge Of The Fun Squad (Sissach Switzerland; 1985)
V.A. S.N.I.S.H. (Sussex England; 1985)
V.A. Sanitized For Your Protection (Orange CA; 1985)
V.A. So Why Don’t You Just Fuck Off? (Fagersta Sweden; 1985)
V.A. Systeemin Uhrit (Kerava Finland; 1985)
V.A. T.T.T. (Bielefeld Germany; 1985)
V.A. Thrasher’s Digest #1 (Carterville IL; 1985)
V.A. War Between The States (Charleston SC; 1985)

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Want List #4 1985 Hardcore Punk Demos

Here is another list of demos that are reviewed in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll zine issues #21,#22,#23,#24 and #25.

I'm not collecting the tapes but would be quite happy to have them in mp3 format. I just want to hear them first and maybe add them to the blog to get them some circulation. If you have something and want to trade send me an email. I'm sure some of these have been bootlegged, released on vinyl/CD or have been put up on YouTube but I'm sure a lot of them haven't.

Demo Tapes #4 
4 Thousand Million - A Small Dose Of Anticipatory Retaliation demo (Canberra Australia;1985)
149 Dead Marines – Genius Animals demo (Des Moines IA; 1985)
A.O.T. – Music To Eat Light Bulbs By demo (B.C. Canada; 1985)
Ad Nauseum – Bad Noizeum demo (Bristol England; 1985)
A Few Chairs – Demo (1985; Eugen Oregon)
Abaddon/Rejestracja – split demo (Poland; 1985)
Anti-Dogmatikss - demo (Barcelona Spain;1985)
Antwerp – The Mole: Let Me Out demo (Saratoga Springs NY; 1985)
Behind Many Masks – demo (Trondheim Norway; 1985)
Blaine Crew band – demo (Jacksonville FL; 1985)
Bloody Fuckers – demo (Clermont-Ferrand France; 1985)
Brood – demo (Los Angeles CA; 1985) (ex-Suicidal Tendencies)
Budcore - What Happens Next demo (Kennett Square PA; 1985)
Burning Witches - The Sound Of The Fury demo (San Francisco CA; 1985)
Christ On Parade – demo (San Francisco CA; 1985)
Concrete Sox – demo (England; 1985)
Death Puppy – Playing Dead demo (Norman OK; 1985)
Death Sentence – demo (Victoria Australia; 1985)
Defy - Parent Ownership demo (Oakland CA; 1985)
Dehumanizers – Save The World demo (Seattle WA; 1985)
Destructors – Fast Forward To Hell demo (Mundelstrup Denmark; 1985)
Devil's Night - Rest In Hell demo (Detroit MI; 1985)
Diatribe - demo (San Diego CA; 1985)
Didjits - Durga! Durga! Durga! (Chicago IL; 1985)
Disorderly Conduct – demo (Long Island City, NY; 1985)
Dissonance – On Top demo (Flint MI; 1985)
Dom Dar – Ett barn Ar Fott demo (Hultsfred Sweden; 1985)
Drab – demo (Los gatos CA; 1985)
Drooling Idiots - Lonely World (Paducah KY; 1985)
Eddie & The Wolfgang – Shitzofranic! (Springfield MI; 1985)
Entirely Distorted – What Gives? demo (Edmonton Canada; 1985)
Entropy – The New World View demo (Los Angeles CA; 1985)
Faded Glory – My Family Hates Me demo (Winston-Salem NC; 1985)
Farmers – Farmers ’85 demo (Anaheim CA; 1985)
Fearless Iranians From Hell – demo (San Antonio TX; 1985)
Filtering Pore - demo (San Rafael CA; 1985)
IV Reich - demo (Zaragoza Spain; 1985)
Front – Gangland demo (National City CA; 1985)
Generic Youth - Fuck Reagan demo (Princeton NJ; 1985)
Ghouls – 1984 demo (Switzerland; 1985)
Glen Heads – demo (Centerport NY; 1985)
Hellcats – demo (Encino CA; 1985)
Hiljaa – demo (Kauhajoki Finland; 1985)
Inbred – Studio Demo demo (Morgantown WV; 1985)
Insurrection - demo (Perth Australia; 1985)
Johnson Unit – Demos (1985; Eugen Oregon)
Juvenile Fructation – Live demo (Bethlehem PA; 1985)
Kadavas – Kadavas! demo (Julich Germany; 1985)
Kangrena – Estoc de Pus demo (Barcelona Spain; 1985)
Kaos (UNLTD.) – demo (Salt Lake City UT; 1985)
Konstruktivists – Psycho-Genetika II demo (Memphis TN; 1985)
Krieg Kopf – demo (Astoria NY; 1985)
Kromozom 4 – Hardcore Run demo (Asnieres France; 1985)
Last Super – Compilation Tape (Piscataway NJ; 1985)
Leeway – Demo Tape demo (Flushing NY; 1985)
Local Shame – demo (Corning NY; 1985)
Lonely Crowd – Lonely Crowd demo (Saratoga CA; 1985)
M.J.B. – In Not Much We Trust demo (San Francisco CA; 1985)
Manic Depressors - demo (Winnipeg Canada; 1985)
Man’s Hate – Second Demo (Petersborough England; 1985)
Master Sickness - Volume 1 demo (Reno NV; 1985)
Megadose – demo (Blackburg VA; 1985)
Milton’s Disciples – demo (Syracuse NY; 1985)
Ministry Of Truth - demo (La Mesa CA;1985)
Moose Lodge – Demo (1985; Eugen Oregon) (synth band)
Mumbles – Live In The Shed demo (Wichita KS 1985)
Murder Inc./M.O.G. – split demo (Heerenveen Holland; 1985)
Musik Camp – demo (San Francisco CA; 1985)
Muslies - Kinderkampf demo (Germany; 1985)
Narthex Structure - Wave Me On demo (Oxnard CA; 1985)
Nod - Death To The Boss (NYC; 1985)
October Crisis – demo (Ontario Canada; 1985)
Orgasm – demo (Nunspeet Holland; 1985)
Our Neighbors Suck - demo (Phoenix AZ; 1985)
P.T.L. Club – Psalm #7 demo (Woburn MA; 1985)
Pax Helvetia – demo (Russikon Switzerland; 1985)
Plastic Fangs - Cloak And Dagger demo (NYC; 1985)
Plastic Fangs – Ugly Plastic Pieces demo (Farmington MI; 1985)
Political Justice – For Love, For Life, For Liberty demo (Glen Ellyn IL; 1985)
Positive Outlook – The True Shall Prevail demo (Newport RI; 1985)
Psycho Motor Effect - demo (Seattle WA; 1985)
Psychos – demo (Brooklyn NY; 1985)
Public Enema - demo (Berkeley CA; 1985)
Public Humiliation - Goonersize demo (Orange CA; 1985)
Rancid – Before And After demo (Bristol England; 1985)
Resistance – 4-song demo (1985; Eugen Oregon)
Rim Shout – Waah! (Dortmund Germany; 1985)
Riss - demo (Dortmund Germany; 1985)
Satan’s Cheerleaders – Bark Twice For Freedom demo (Centerport NY; 1985)
Silent Community – The Upper Classes demo (Huddersfield England; 1985)
Skoptzies – Live Tape/Studio Sessions demo (Memphis TN; 1985)
Skulldiggers - Phantasmagoria demo (Boise ID; 1985)
Sloppage – Absurdist Trash demo (Chicago IL; 1985)
Sludge Confrontations - Vegetable Garden demo (BC Canada; 1985) (ex Neos)
Smartpills – The Works demo (Avon England; 1985)
Social Outcasts - Tears Of Death demo (Burnaby Canada; 1985)
Social Slugs - Bufuin Boys demo (Kennett Square PA; 1985)
Solger - 15 song demo (Seattle WA; 1985)
Spastic Rats – Spread The Disease demo (Anapolis MD; 1985)
Speed Queens - Ballroom Blitz (Oakland CA; 1985)
State Of Confusion – demo (Boise ID; 1985)
Steps - Universal Studios demo (Glendora CA; 1985)
Stone The Crowz – demo (Oxon England; 1985)
Subliminal Fault - Girls Behind Bars (NYC; 1985)
 (London) Terminals - We Killed demo (Ontario Canada; 1985)
Todsicher – Live demo (Konstanz Germany; 1985)
Ugly Squaws Trozor – Date With An Elk demo (Fagersta Sweden; 1985)
V.O.A. - Punk Sux demo (Glendale CA; 1985)
Vandales - demo (Mulhouse France; 1985)
Verbal Assault – The Masses demo (Newport RI; 1985)
Wrath – Who Rules Our Lives? demo (Ontario Canada; 1985)

V.A. Aha 3 (Kent OH; 1985)
V.A. Alle 55 Kort (Volendam Holland; 1985)
V.A. Another Crummy Comp (Southampton England; 1985)
V.A. Billboard Vandals (Springfield MI; 1985)
V.A. Broken Frontiers, Broken Chains (Essen Germany; 1985)
V.A. Can It Be? (Silver Spring MD; 1985)
V.A. Dark Samplet #3 (Heerenveen Holland; 1985)
V.A. Deflagration #2 (Vernon France; 1985)
V.A. Deflagration #3 (Vernon France; 1985)
V.A. Deflagration Live, vol. 1 (Vernon France; 1985)
V.A. Dial-A-Trance (Blue Island, IL; 1985)
V.A. Disorder Disorder Disorder (Oberhausen Germany; 1985)
V.A. Godfodder (Santa Cruz CA; 1985)
V.A. Graveyard Hits (Recklinghausen Germany; 1985)
V.A. Inner Ear Damage (orange CA; 1985)
V.A. L’Union Fait La Force! (Oberhausen Germany; 1985)
V.A. Never Mind ’77..This Is 1984 (Julich Germany; 1985)
V.A. Noc Nad Yugoslavijan (Rasa Yugoslavia; 1985)
V.A. Not Yet Decided (Simi Valley CA; 1985)
V.A. Numb Tongue No Taste (Santa Cruz CA; 1985)
V.A. Painful Haircut (Eugene OR; 1985)
V.A. The Raw Power Of Life #2 (Augsburg Germany; 1985)
V.A. Rippling Flesh (Minneapolis MN; 1985)
V.A. Schweinerei (Julich Germany; 1985)
V.A. Stars Vomit Coffee Shop (New York NY; 1985)
V.A. Stockholm Mangel (Taby Sweden; 1985)
V.A. Tales From The Western shore (B.C. Canada; 1985)
V.A. Thrasher The Cat’s Favorite tunes (Huddersfield England; 1985)
V.A. Twisted Youth (Woodacre CA;1985)
V.A. Vote No In ’85 (Bethesda MD; 1985)
V.A. We Begin Bombing In Five Minutes (Lakewood OH; 1985)

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Want List #3 1984 Hardcore Punk Demos

Here is another list of demos that are reviewed in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll zine issues #16,#17,#18,#19 and #20. I'm not collecting the tapes but would be quite happy to have them in mp3 format. I just want to hear them first and maybe add them to the blog to get them some circulation. If you have something and want to trade send me an email. I'm sure some of these have been bootlegged, released on vinyl/CD or have been put up on YouTube but I'm sure a lot of them haven't.

13th Key – Reaper’s Night demo Rochester MI; 1984)
A.T.B. – Coathanger Abortion demo (Meaford Canada; 1984)
Ad Nauseum – No Mercy (Portsmouth England; 1984)
Angst – Love Dissolves demo (San Francisco CA; 1984)
Anti-Heroes/Liebis – split demo (Oberhausen Germany; 1984)
Anti-Momb – I Don’t Care What You Thibk demo (Oakland CA; 1984)
Artacus Eaght – Mission Impossible demo (Flushing NY; 1984)
Asbestos Rockpyle – Dying Of Cancer (Suitland MD; 1984)
Baby Astronauts – A Is For Anarchy demo (Columbia Heights MN; 1984)
Bannlyst/Angor Wat – split demo (Trondheim Norway; 1984)
Bitch Boys/Death From Above – split tape (Alassio Italy; 1984)
Blatant Dissent – Paint Scenario demo (Elgin IL; 1984)
Blight – 2 demo (Lansing MI; 1984)
Blind Acceptance – I Want Out demo (Walnut Creek CA; 1984)
Blind Idiot God – Your Skull demo (St. Louis MO; 1984)
Bloedbad – demo (Groningen Holland; 1984)
Bloodsport – demo (McHenry IL; 1984)
Blue Marbellas – Nothing Like A War (Vancouver Canada; 1984)
Braile Party – Let It Burn demo (Rockville MD; 1984)
Brave New World – Something New demo (Cucamonga CA; 1984)
Certain Death – Life Is A Bitch…Then You Die demo (Blue Island IL; 1984)
Children’s Crusade – demo (Elyria OH; 1984)
Chronic Submission – Empty Heads, Poison Darts demo (Toronto Canada; 1984)
Corovas – Wild Fire demo (Tokyo Japan; 1984)
Damage – Tennis shoe Politics demo (Winter Park FL; 1984)
Decay – Anarchy demo (Schwezenbach Switzerland; 1984)
Deformed/No Brain Cells – split demo (Lowton England; 1984)
Demented Dinner Music – demos (Walled Lake MI; 1984)
Dementia – It’s Funny demo (Merseyside England; 1984)
Disgust – Brainwash demo (Venlo Holland; 1984)
Diktatrista – Forwarned But Not Secured demo (Asioli Piceno Italt; 1984)
Domino Theory – Weather Report demo (Phoenix AZ; 1984)
Drills – Skullface demo (Seattle WA; 1984)
Eraserhead – The Demo demo (Memphis TN; 1984)
Evasive Action – Looking For A Battlefield demo (Aukland New Zealand; 1984)
Exhumed Lunch – Mistakes demo (Fairfax VA; 1984)
F.V.K. – Who’s Your Friend demo (Raleigh NC; 1984)
Forced Tradition/Lamos – split tape (Sacramento CA; 1984)
Funeral Oration – The Godsend (Amsterdam Holland; 1984)
Futile Effort – What’s The Use? demo (Trenton NJ; 1984)
Grey Shadow – Missing In The World (Alassio Italy; 1984)
H.O.A. – Aha! demo (Essen Germany; 1984)
Happy World – Sad Gesture demo (Lakewood CO; 1984)
Holy Terror – Prodigal Son demo (Grand Rapids MI; 1984)
IBEX – Tarantula demo (Provo UT; 1984)
Initial Attack – Not To Be Confused demo (Philadelphia PA; 1984)
Johnson Unit – Triangular Effect (Eugene OR; 1984)
Jonny Earth Shoes – Earth Shoes For The Needy demo (Philadelphia PA; 1984)
Juvenile Truth – No Enemy demo (Madison WI; 1984)
Kina – Nessund Schema Nella Mia Vita demo (Aosta Italy; 1984)
Knockabouts – Angry Young Men demo (Huntsville AL; 1984)
London 77 – Justitia demo (Alassio Italy; 1984)
Los Pillos – Felices Fiestas demo (Buenos Aires Argentina; 1984)
Love Canal – We Know Something demo (Fountain Valley CA; 1984)
Murder Murder Suicide – demo (St. Kilda Australia; 1984)
Mutes – Live demo (Cheney WA; 1984)
Naughty Women – All The World’s A Lay demo (Anaheim CA; 1984)
Neuroot – Macht Kaput Wass Euch Kaput Macht demo (Arnheim Holland; 1984)
Nikoteens – Skateboard demo (Ingolstadt Germany; 1984)
No Idea Whatsoever – I Hate Hate demo (Aukland New Zealand; 1984)
No One’s Property/Bomb Culture – split demo (Merseyside England; 1984)
Numb Sex – Constantly Itching Down There demo (Syracuse NY; 1984)
Peasants With Pitchforks – Ignorance demo (Fort Washington PA; 1984)
Al Perry & The Cattle – The Cattle demo (Tucson AZ; 1984)
Phallacy – Live On KHSU demo (Eureka CA; 1984)
Pillsbury Hardcore – Demo #1 demo (Pomona CA; 1984)
Plasmid – Lust For Power demo (Rochester England; 1984)
Pleased Youth – Sure We’re Pleased (New Jersey; 1984)
Post Mortem – Punk After Dark demo (Belmont MA; 1984)
Prisoners Of Conscience – Screaming For Help (Pleasantville NY; 1984)
Reptile House – Origins Of A Sad man (Baltimore MD; 1984)
Ring 13 – Nothing New Nothing Learned demo (Dekalb IL; 1984)
Rösvett – Cadillac demo (Tranas Sweden; 1984)
S.A.S. – Sing Along Songs demo (N. Yorks England; 1984)
Sangre De Pueblo – Cheezy Dogs demo (Albuquerque NM; 1984)
Scapegoats – Last Attack demo (Keil Germany; 1984)
Screaming Dogs – Dog Music demo (Indianapolis IN; 1984)
Shemps – Last Gasp demo (Waukesha WI; 1984)
Solution Unknown – Justice For All demo (Louisville KY; 1984)
Social Slugs – Great Balls Of Fun demo (Kennett Square PA; 1984)
Spike Haytrid/Shades Of Grey – split tape (Twin Falls ID; 1984)
Stagnant Era – Socially Acceptable demo (N. Yorks England; 1984)
State Of The Union – Day By Day demo (Allston MA; 1984)
Stress – State Of Decay demo (Oxon England; 1984)
Stupids – Leave Your Ears Behind demo (Ipswich England; 1984)
Sudden Impact – Freaked Out demo (Willowdale Canada; 1984)
Tatuerade Snutkukar – Hardcore Thrash demo (Sweden; 1984)
Tin Can Army – demo (Adelebsen Germany; 1984)
Uniform Choice – Sometimes demo (Long Beach CA; 1984)
Urbicide – They Finally Let Us Have A Gig demo (New York, NY; 1984)
U.S. Distress – demo (Kenosha WI; 1984)
Useless Boys – Dreams Dust Factory (Pisa Italy; 1984)
White Noise – Silent Pain demo (Calgary Canada; 1984)
Witnesses – Easy To Criticize demo (San Francisco CA; 1984)
Zimbo Chimps – Car Wash demo (Pomona CA; 1984)
Zwaarklote/Incest – split demo (Venlo Holland; 1984)

V.A. AJZ Live Thrash (Bielefeld Germany; 1984)
V.A. Buddha Was Fat (Chappaqua NY; 1984)
V.A. Deflagration #1 (Vernon France; 1984)
V.A. Get Lost (Chesire England; 1984)
V.A. Hardcore Compilation Cassette (Oberhausen Germany; 1984)
V.A. Hau Weg Die Kacke (Wilhelshaven Germany; 1984)
V.A. Holland Hardcore III (Volendam Holland; 1984)
V.A. Homokohu 84 (Finland; 1984)
V.A. Inferno II (Berlin Germany; 1984)
V.A. Inner Ear Damage (Orange CA; 1984)
V.A. Izgublgena Alternativo (Belgrade Yugoslavia; 1984)
V.A. Jenseits vom Bundestag (Düsseldorf Germany; 1984)
V.A. Kloat Skral II (Toreboda Sweden; 1984)
V.A. La Nome Della Anarchia (Udine Italy; 1984)
V.A. Larmattacke #2 (Germany; 1984)
V.A. Lihatuotanto (Vatimo Finland; 1984)
V.A. Music To Kill Brain Cells, pt. 1 (Hialeah FL; 1984)
V.A. No Aarhus (Mundelstrup Denmark; 1984)
V.A. Noise Attack (Klavsdorf Germany; 1984)
V.A. Nu Detjvligen (Albertslund Denmark; 1984)
V.A. Objekt #2 (Eureka CA; 1984)
V.A. Rising From The Ashes (Aukland New Zealand; 1984)
V.A. Raw Power Of Life (Augsburg Germany; 1984)
V.A. Rullustiginn (Iceland; 1984)
V.A. Shed Your Pride (Mentor OH; 1984)
V.A. Shoot’em All (Taunton England; 1984)
V.A. Texacore 1 (San Antonio TX; 1984)