Monday, July 30, 2018

Want List #5 1985 Hardcore Punk Demos

Here is one more list of demos that are reviewed in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll zine issues #26,#27,#28,#29 and #31. This takes it up to December 1985. I am especially interested min the stuff from Alaska and Bielefeld Germany.

I'm not collecting the tapes but would be quite happy to have them in mp3 format. I just want to hear them first and maybe add them to the blog to get them some circulation. If you have something and want to trade send me an email. I'm sure some of these have been bootlegged, released on vinyl/CD or have been put up on YouTube but I'm sure a lot of them haven't.

Demo Tapes #5
III Kategorija – demo (Ljubljana Yugoslavia; 1985)
A Few Chairs – demo (Eugene OR; 1985)
Abreaction – Prepare For War demo (Merseyside England; 1985)
Agrophobic Array – We’re Not Part Of Society demo (Manchester NH; 1985)
Asbestos Rockpyle – Festival Of Fun, vol. 1 demo (Santa Cruz CA, 1985)
Asbestos Rockpyle – Hated And Despised demo (Santa Cruz CA; 1985)
Ash Tradition – demo (Costa Mesa CA; 1985)
Ash Tradition – Punks Just Wanna Have Fun demo (Costa Mesa CA; 1985)
Assault – demo (Oceano CA; 1985)
Atrox – Senza Tregua demo (Milan Italy; 1985)
Blue Marbellas – Down In The Basement demo (Vancouver Canada; 1985)
Born Without A Face – Freakshow demo (Grand Rapids MI; 1985)
Caustic Defiance – Enough Talk demo (Peoria IL; 1985)
Clyng-Ons – Hide Your Eskimos demo (Anchorage AK; 1985)
Destructive Youth Patrol – demo (San Marcos CA; 1985)
Dezerter – Still Living man demo (Poland; 1985)
Disgust – Trash Back!!! demo (Venlo Holland; 1985)
Distemper – Up Against The Wall demo (Greenock Scotland; 1985)
EMG – demo (Carbondale IL; 1985)
Eggbert – Dern That Kudzu (Roanoke VA; 1985)
End Product – Fun On The Day After demo (Mahopac NY; 1985)
End Result – Rambo Church (Melbourne Australia; 1985)
Eyes On Your – There Is A Happy Land (Nottingham England; 1985)
Faded Glory – Death Zone demo (Winston-Salem NC; 1985)
Final Conflict – demo (Cypress CA; 1985)
G.R.B. – demo (Barcelona Spain; 1985)
Generic – Join The Conspiracy demo (Newcastle England; 1985)
HH Milch – demo (Hamburg Germany; 1985)
Immoral Minority – Retaliation demo (Vancouver Canada; 1985)
In Or Out – demo (Warwickshire England; 1985)
Kids For Cash – demo (Burke VA; 1985)
Laitz – Balance Of Power demo (Volendam Holland; 1985)
Larries – demo (Vienna WV; 1985)
Like A Horse – demo (Columbia MO; 1985)
MIR – Mindecision demo (Roanoke VA; 1985)
Mayhem – Violent Noise At Extreme Speed (New York NY, 1985)
Mole – Karl Fucker Zimmergeschaft demo (Sarasota Springs NY; 1985)
NRK – demo (Bankfield WI; 1985)
NRK – Live cassette (Milwaukee WI; 1985)
Oh, Dev – 84/85 Mania demo (Venlo Holland; 1985)
Oigasm – Enkle Reis Nunspeet demo (Volendam Holland; 1985)
Painkillers – 17 Cuts Of Pain demo (Scenmore NY; 1985)
Peasants With Pitchforks – demo (Philadelphia PA; 1985)
Pent-Up Aggression – Defining The Problem demo (Des Moines IA; 1985)
Pin Prick – demo (Toulouse Frabce; 1985)
Psychodrama – Traumarama demo (Chantilly VA; 1985)
Psyclones – Cult Leader Gang-Rapes By Disciples demo (Eureka CA; 1985)
S.F.N. (Stands For Nothing) – First Thing I Ever Did Was Cry demo (Centerport NY; 1985)
Sarcastic Orgasm – demo (Washington DC; 1985)
Savage Amused – Mind Cure 1985 demo (Pittsburgh PA; 1985)
Scoundrels – Ufreet Toe Moef demo (Zundert Holland; 1985)
Shades Of Grey – Humble Friction demo (Twin Falls ID; 1985)
Shithaus – Live Crush demo (Providence RI; 1985)
Short Notice – Blond Sex God! demo (Lawrence KS; 1985)
Subculture – I Like Girls, I Love Nature demo (Pfafftown NC; 1985)
Substitutes – It Crawled From The Swamps demo (Jacksonville FL; 1985)
Nuclear – Tape #2 demo (Augsburg Germany; 1985)
Rapt – Live In Ecardenville demo (France; 1985)
VOA/Butt Acne – Butt-Core demo (Easterville IL; 1985)
Wallmen – Eel Vibes From The Voodoo Kitten demo (Syracuse NY; 1985)
Women In Drag – demo (Albuquerque NM; 1985)
Verdun – demo (France; 1985)
Violent Coercion – House Of Terror demo (El Cerrito CA; 1985)
Your Worst Nightmare – War mad World (Newark DE; 1985)
X Creta – 13 Reception demo (Affligen Belgium; 1985)

V.A. AJZ Live Trash (Bielefeld Germany; 1985)
V.A. Alles Stirbt (Wuppertal Germany; 1985)
V.A. Crabtowne (Annapolis MD; 1985)
V.A. Cursed Earth (Albuquerque NM; 1985)
V.A. Dawn Of A New age (Bristol England; 1985)
V.A. Demtia 5 (Toronto Canada; 1985)
V.A. Der Idiotische Hustensaft (Dortmund Germany; 1985)
V.A. Dosao Je Kraj (Beograd Yugoslavia; 1985)
V.A. Fa Framtida Tilbake (Palmafossen Norway; 1985)
V.A. The Final Solution (Augsburg Germany; 1985)
V.A. Ground Zero (Enveneda Mexico; 1985)
V.A. Hideous & Headchop’n (Bellingham WA; 1985)
V.A. Illusions Of Beauty (Memphis TN; 1985)
V.A. Just An American Band (Winston-Salem NC; 1985)
V.A. Kloak-Mix 3 (Linkoping Sweden; 1985)
V.A. La Lucha Contimua!!! (Barcelona Spain; 1985)
V.A. Message From Camp Sunshine (Brighton England; 1985)
V.A. Moose Nuggets (Anchorage AK; 1985)
V.A. No Enemies, Please! (Randolph MA; 1985)
V.A. Now Is The Time To Act (Leeds England; 1985)
V.A. Punk Revolution (Jyvashyla Finland; 1985)
V.A. Revenge Of The Fun Squad (Sissach Switzerland; 1985)
V.A. S.N.I.S.H. (Sussex England; 1985)
V.A. Sanitized For Your Protection (Orange CA; 1985)
V.A. So Why Don’t You Just Fuck Off? (Fagersta Sweden; 1985)
V.A. Systeemin Uhrit (Kerava Finland; 1985)
V.A. T.T.T. (Bielefeld Germany; 1985)
V.A. Thrasher’s Digest #1 (Carterville IL; 1985)
V.A. War Between The States (Charleston SC; 1985)


  1. The Savage Amused was reissued on vinyl: