Saturday, July 4, 2020

Toy Love - Captain Cook Tavern, Dunedin NZ 8-23-80

Toy Love were from Dunedin New Zealand and seem the be the biggest and most successful of the New Zealand Punk bands. Three members were previously in the Punk band The Enemy which started in 1977 and played their last show at the end of 1978. The Enemy went into recording studios several time but split up without releasing anything. The three members of The Enemy were joined by two former members of the band The Basketcases to form Toy Love. Toy Love released one album and three single, all of which made it into the New Zealand charts. This live recording was recorded at about the time the album was released and it features many Enemy songs besides newer compositions. This is a soundboard recording and the quality is excellent.


set 1:
01. Amputee Song
02. Swimming Pool
03. Fifteen
04. Rebel
05. I Don't Mind
06. title unknown
07. Toy Love Song
08. Don't Catch Fire
09. Bedroom
10. Unscrewed Up
11. Cold Meat
12. I'm In Love
13. Photographs Of Naked Ladies
14. I Wanna Die With You
15. Sheep

set 2:
01. The Crunch
02. Squeeze
03. Don't Ask Me
04. I Thought I Needed You
05. Good Old Joe
06. Fingernail On Blackboard Grin
07. Lust
08. Greenwalls
09. Yummy Yummy Yummy
10. Positively Fourth St.
11. Siamese Twin
12. Death Rehearsal
13. Bride of Frankenstein
14. Ain't It Nice
15. Pull Down The Shades
16. Frogs (cut)

Friday, July 3, 2020

Bailter Space - Powerstation, Auckland NZ 3-04-90

Bailter Space were from Christchurch New Zealand and had their start in 1980 under the name The Gordons. Over several line up changes The Gordons released two albums. One original member started a new band in 1986 that became Bailter Space and by 1989 the two other original members of The Gordons had joined. Between 1988 and 2013 Bailter Space released nine albums. On this show the band are mostly playing songs from their 2nd album. It's an audience recording and has good sound quality. [from cassette tape]


01. Skin
02. The Aim
03. The State
04. Hard Wired
05. Fused (cut)
06. Fish Eye
07. Grader Spader (cut)