Sunday, September 30, 2012

Nervous Eaters - Live Tracks 1978-1980

Here's three great Nervous Eaters songs I copied off of video clips. The first song appeared in 1980 on their debut album. However, this 1978 version is much better. The other two songs are unreleased as far as I know. The first two tracks are audience recordings with good sound quality. The last track was recorded through the soundboard and is very good sound.

track list:
01. Girl Next Door [@ The Club, Boston 12-02-78]
02. Where's Johnny Now [@ The Club, Boston 1979]
03. Necessities [@ Boston 1980]

Undertones - Royal Court Theatre, Liverpool 4-09-83

The Undertones lost me after the second album. While there were a few good songs on their later albums I never paid attention to those until years after the fact. I'm still not a big fan of those later albums but they are not as bad as I once thought. This recordings has them playing mostly those later songs. It's an audience recording with good sound quality.

01. When Saturday Comes
02. I Don’t Know
03. The Love Parade
04. It’s Going To Happen
05. Untouchable
06. Chain Of Love
07. It Makes Me Wonder
08. Tearproof
09. Bittersweet
10. Gotta Have You Back
11. Teenage Kicks
12. Beautiful Friend
13. Julie Ocean
14. Wednesday Week
15. Get Over You
16. Soul Seven
17. You’ve Got My Number
18. Good Looking Girlfriend
19. Let’s Talk About Girls
20. Hard Luck (Again)
21. Girls That Don’t Talk
22. I Gotta Getta
23. Cher O’Bowlies

Monday, September 24, 2012

CDs fer sail

Here is a list of CDs I wanna part with. 80s/90s/00s Rawk, 70s Punk, 60s Garage/Psych/Freakbeat. If interested send an email.

69-Hard - Life Is Good (2001) [Sweden]
A-Bombs - Five Stupid Men ep (1997) [Sweden]
A-Bombs - And Just Constantly Rotating (1998) [Sweden]
Adverts - Cast Of Thousands (1979) [England]
Aints - Ascension (1991) [Australia]
Bent Wind - Sussex (1969/1993) [Canada]
Blue Van - The Art Of Rolling (2005) [Denmark]
Boomhauer - Wild Human Condition (2003) [Finland]
Breakers - What I Want (2004) [Denmark]
Breakers - What I Want ep (2003) [Denmark]
Burnouts - Go Go Racing (2000) [Denmark]
Chamber Strings - Gospel Morning (1999) [USA]
Chamber Strings - Month Of Sundays (2001) [USA]
Columbian Neckties - Abrance (2001) [Denmark]
Cosmic Ballroom - Rock 'n' Roll Overdose (2001) [Sweden]
Creation - Creation By Creation For Creation ep (1994) [England]
Cripples - In Lust (1994) [Sweden]
Cry - Kamikaze R&R (1997) [Sweden]
Cry - Mansion On The Hill ep (1994) [Sweden]
Cybermen - S/T ep (1996) [USA]
Dead Allison - Toys And Dreams (1990) [Finland]
Dead Allison - Second Coming (1991) [Finland]
Dead Allison - Scream Of a Raven (1992) [Finland]
Dead Sheriff - Rockapolyptica (2002) [Norway]
Deadbeats - A Fueled Up Rock 'n' Roll Experience (1999) [Denmark]
Deadlines - Fashion Over Function (2001) [USA]
Dogfood - Diarrhoea Demon (1996) [Denmark]
Dollhouse - The Rock And Soul circus (2004) [Sweden]
Freeloaders - Through The sound Barrier (2000) [Australia]
Fluid - Glue/Roadmouth (1990) [USA]
Fluid - Spot The Loon ep (1992) [USA]
Fluid - Pill ep (1992) [USA]
Fluid - Purplemetalflakemusic (1993) [USA]
Gargoyles - Without End (1992) [USA]
Gargoyles - Inflexable (1994) [USA]
Greenhornes - Dual Mono (2002) [USA]
Brigitte Handley - Identity ep (2007) [Australia]
Heatfarm - Dawn Of The Dumb (2001) [Denmark]
Heatfarm - Hedning (2002) [Denmark]
Hellbenders - Pop Rock suicide (1999) [USA]
Highschool Hellcats - Last Train To Actionville (1998) [Sweden]
Jalla Jalla - Crumelur/Jalla Jalla (1992) [Finland]
Jalla Jalla - Snowmans Land (1994) [Finland]
Junkyard - S/T (1989) [USA]
Junkyard - Sixes, Sevens & Nines (1991) [USA]
Lesbian Lipstick - Cold As Iron (2002) [Denmark]
Loop - Wolfflow (1991) [England]
Loose - Rock The Fuck On! (2003) [Italy]
Lothar - Supercharged (2007) [Finland]
Lovemasters - Hot Pants Power ep (1995) [USA]
Maggots - Get Hooked! (2001) [Sweden]
Midnight Evils - S/T (2001) [USA]
Negative Space - Hard, Heavy, Mean & Evil (1970/1998) [USA]
Nitwitz - Dark Side Of The Spoon (1999) [Holland]
Nymphs - S/T (1991) [USA]
Onyas - Get Shitfaced With The Onyas (1996) [Australia]
Pandoras - Nymphomania Live (1989) [USA]
Peepshows - Mondo Deluxe (2000) [Sweden]
Peepshows - Refuge For Degenerates (2003) [Sweden]
Peer Gunt - Good Girls Don't (1987/2000) [Finland]
Puffball - It's Gotta Be Voodoo, Baby! (1999) [Sweden]
Remains - Too Much To Lose (1994) [Japan]
Rocket Science - Contact High (2001) [Australia]
Rocket 69 - Demolition Diary (1996) [USA]
Rockets - Turn It On (2002) [Denmark]
Royal Beat Conspiracy - Gala Galore (2000) [Sweden]
Royal Beat Conspiracy - Dig It! (2002) [Sweden]
Sandmen - White Trash Red Front (2006) [Sweden]
Sandmen - Shine (2008) [Sweden]
Sewergrooves - Songs From The Sewer (1999) [Sweden]
Sewergrooves - Revelation Time (2002) [Sweden]
Sewergrooves - Saturday Night, Tonight We're Gonna Have Some Fun (2002) [Sweden]
Sinisters - Memoirs Of A Happy Hell (1996) [Canada]
Sister Goddamn - Folksongs Of The Spanish Inquisition (1995) [USA]
Smooth And Greedy - Howlin' Heart (1998) [Sweden]
Sonic Walthers - Medication (1992) [Sweden]
Soundtrack Of Our Lives - Homo Habilis Blues ep (1996) [Sweden]
Spaceshits - Winter Dance Party (1997) [Canada]
Spanks - Get Spanked (1991) [Belgium]
Speedway 69 - Now Denial (2002) [Germany]
Stiletto Boys - Rockets And Bombs (1999) [USA]
Super Bees - '81 Comeback (2000) [USA]
Sweet Justice - S/T (2004) [USA]
Third World War - S/T (1971/1995) [England]
Tokyo Dragons - Give Me The Fear (2004) [England]
Toten Hosen - Opel-Gang (1983) [Germany]
Toten Hosen - Bis Zum Bitteren Ende (1987) [Germany]
Toten Hosen - Opium Fur Volk (1996) [Germany]
Toten Hosen - Unsterblich (1999) [Germany]
Twisted Roots - S/T (2004) [USA]
Turpentines - American Music For American People (1998) [Sweden]
Turpentines - By Popular Demand (1999) [Sweden]
Turpentines - No Salvation ep (1999) [Sweden]
Thee Ultra Bimboos - Bimboo Wizard (2003) [Finland]
Untamed - Eerie Stories (2001) [Denmark]
Wanna-bees - Violent Vibrations (1992) [Finland]
Wildhearts - Earth vs. The Wildhearts (1993) [England]
Wrecks - S/T (2002) [Sweden]
V.A. Echoes From The Wilderness
V.A. Fistful Of Rock 'n' Roll vol. 6 (2000)
V.A. Psychedelic Unknowns volume 7
V.A. Psychedelic Unknowns volume 9
V.A. Purple Pill Eaters
V.A. Pushing Scandinavian Rock To The Man vol. 3 (2002) [Denmark]
V.A. RAFR vol. 2 (1997)
V.A. Smash Up Derby (2002)
V.A. So You Wanna Be A Rock 'n' Roll Compilation? (1995)
V.A. Trash On Demand vol. 2 (1997)
V.A. The Violence Inherent In The System (1992)

China White - Live1981/1983

A few weeks ago the drummer of China White, Joey Raffino, got in touch with me after finding these live shows posted on my old blog. He kindly filled in all the unknown song titles and gave me permission to post them. The Stardust show was recorded from the back of the Ballroom and is not good sound so is only for collectors. The other shows are audience recordings also but are good sound quality.

@ Stardust Ballroom, Los Angeles 2-11-81:
01. Instrumental
02. Live In Your Eyes
03. Nightlife
04. Criminal
05. Anthem
06. Addiction
07. Dangerzone

@ Whiskey, Hollywood 4-20-81: [from cassette tape]
01. Between The Lines
02. Live In Your Eyes
03. Night Life
04. A New Disorder
05. Anthem
06. Criminal
07. Addiction
08. Dangerzone

@ Bards Apollo, Los Angeles 8-81:
01. Norma Jean
02. A New Disorder
03. Anthem
04. Different Attitude
05. Nightlife
06. Danger Zone

@ Sportsman's Hall, Sun Valley CA 12-15-83: [from cassette tape]
01. Blackout
02. Daddy's Little Queen
03. Night Life
04. Seven In Hand
05. Addiction
06. Criminal

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Green Telescope - BBC Session 1-11-86

Here's one for the Garage-o-holics. Green Telescopes were from Scotland and released two seven inches before changing their name to the Thanes. I don't know what show this was recorded for. Sound quality is excellent.

Some info here:,+The

track list:
01. Try To
02. Who Knows
03. X+Y=13
04. Horror Asparagus Stories

Larry Wallis & The Love Pirates Of Doom - Cricketers, London 7-01-86

You all know Larry Wallis from Pink Fairies and Motorhead. Here's a live show from the mid-1980s showing that Mr. Wallis still got the action. Andy Calhoun, who in the 1977-1978 played with Warsaw Pakt and Tanz Der Youth, is playing guitar along side Larry. I don't know who else is in the band and I don't think this line up ever released any records. This is an audience recording and the sound quality is good.

01. Police Car
02. As Long As The Price Is Right
03. Love You So Your Mine
04. I Can't Walk Away
05. Waiting For The Lightning To Strike
06. Leather Forever
07. Crime
08. Tell Me Why
09. Hypnotized
10. Seeing Double
11. White Girls On Amphetamine
12. Touch And Go
13. The Letter
14. I Think It's Coming Back
15. Sweet Home Chicago
16. I Saw Her Standing There

Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Alternative - Live + Demo 1980

No Alternative were originally called KGB and were a San Francisco band that existed from 1978 to 1982. They appeared as KGB on a live compilation title Can You Hear Me Music From The Deaf Club that was recorded in March 1979 and released in 1980. In September 1979 as No Alternative they had one song on the SF Underground 7"ep and their only 7" was released in 1980. Their last release was one song on the Not so quiet On The Western Front compilation put together by Maximum Rock 'n' Roll magazine in 1982. After that they disappeared until the late 1980s when they briefly reformed and released a split 12" with a band called Lifeline. since then two CD collections have been released to the joy of fans everywhere. The sound quality on the demo is very good and the live show is a soundboard recording with excellent sound quality.

Demo 1980:
01. The Good Die Young
02. Folsom Prison Blues
03. Be Bop A Lula
04. Sir

@ Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 11-07-80:
01. Baby Doll Leave Me Alone
02. Damned To Hell
03. The Good Die Young
04. Right To Die
05. Boy With A Needle
06. Mary Sue Ellen's Clique
07. Folsom Prison Blues
08. Working Class Boy
09. Be-Bop A Lu-La
10. Rockabilly Rumble
11. Fucked Up
12. Dyin' In The USA
13. Life Of Suicide

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Idols - Max's, NYC 10-06-78

Here is one more show by the Idols. On this one Arthur Kane formerly of New York Dolls and Corpse Grinders has joined them. Chris Spedding joins them on stage for Can't Sit Down in the second set. This is an audience recording with good sound quality.

1st set:
01. Can't Sit Down
02. London To New York
03. You
04. F.I.X.
05. Girl That I Love
06. You're Too Right Wing
07. Pretty Baby
08. Take A Chance
09. Bigger Splash
10. Centerfold

2nd set:
11. London To New York
12. F.I.X.
13. Girl That I Love
14. You're Too Right Wing
15. Pretty Baby
16. Take A Chance
17. You
18. Centerfold
19. Bigger Splash
20. Can't Sit Down

Saturday, September 15, 2012

John Cale - Vredenburg, Utrecht Holland 2-08-83

Here is a solo show from ex-Velvet Underground member John Cale. There is only Vocals plus piano or guitar on all these songs. Nothing more. Unfortunately, my tape is missing the last 6 songs. It's a radio broadcast and sound quality is very good.

info here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Ship Of Fools
02. Leaving It Up To You
03. Amsterdam
04. Buffalo Ballet
05. Antarctica Starts Here
06. Taking It All Away
07. Riverbank
08. Paris 1919
09. Guts
10. Chinese Envoy
11. Thoughtless Kind
12. Only Time Will Tell
13. Cable Hogue

Freeze - Rarities

Here's the Freeze from Boston. I found these three songs on the end of a tape along with a few other Freeze songs that are now officially released. Knockweed is from 1981 and the other two I believe are from 1986. A version of D.E.A. was released on their 1990 album  Misery Loves Company and No More Idols is a Nervous Eaters cover. I haven't found it in the Freeze discography so I assume it was never released. Nervous Eaters only released a version of it in 2002 on their Eat This CD. The version here runs off the end of the tape so it is not complete but most of it is there. Very good sound quality.

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Knockweed
02. D.E.A.
03. No More Idols (cut)

Out on Blue Six - John Peel Session 9-06-80

Here's a Post-Punk band from London that released only one 7"ep in 1981.  Sound quality is excellent.

some info here:
single here:

track list:
01. Mascara
02. Soft Sarcasm
03. Johnny
04. Party Mood

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dead Kennedys - Mabuhay Gardens, San Francisco 2-09-80

Here's everyone's favorite San Francisco band. This is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is excellent.

01. Back To Rhodesia
02. Stealing People's Mail
03. Man With The Dogs
04. Funland At The beach
05. Insight
06. Let's Lynch The Landlord
07. California Uber Alles
08. Halloween
09. Police Truck
10. Too Drunk To Fuck
11. Holiday In Cambodia
12. Kill The Poor
13. Chemical Warfare

Divine Horsemen - Music Machine, Santa Monica CA - 1-09-85

Here's Chris D. with his post-Flesh Eaters band Divine Horsemen. This show is an audience recording and the sound quality is good.

01. Lily White Hands
02. Little Sister
03. When The Rain Comes Down
04. Frankie Silver
05. Past All Dishonor
06. Time Stands Still
07. Hell's Belle
08. Mother's Worry
09. Sanctuary

Johnny Thunders - demo 1973

Here is the earliest recording of this Thunders classic. Apparently, it was recorded in New Orleans when the Dolls had a break while on tour. The backing band does not include any Dolls. The song was never played live by NY Dolls but was included in Heartbreakers shows in 1975 before it was dropped in favor of more energetic songs. Thunders revived it for his first solo album in 1978. Sound quality is very good.

track list:
01. So Alone

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Heartbreakers - Arnhem Holland 11-26-77

Here's another Heartbreakers show. It's an audience recording that is rough and distorted but still listenable especially for the in-between song chatter. 

01. Chatterbox
02. Chinese Rocks
03. Pirate Love
04. Get Off The Phone
05. London Boys
06. All By Myself
07. Let Go
08. Can't Keep My Eyes On You
09. I Love You

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Fire Party - 1st Demo 1987

Fire Party from Washington DC made a couple records in the late 1980s. Very good sound quality.

some info here:
and here:

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Walls Of Mind
02. Bases
03. Jerk
04. Cake

Piranhas - John Peel Sessions 1979-1980

Three Peel session from the Piranhas can't be all wrong.The first has excellent sound quality and the other are from old tapes, a bit muffled but still good.

@ John Peel Session 2-07-79:
01. Cheap And Nasty
02. Coloured Music
03. Jilly
04. Saxophone

@ John Peel Session 7-17-79:
02.Getting Beaten Up
03.Yap Yap Yap
04.Happy Families

@ John Peel Session 1-16-80:
01. Anything
02. Final Straw
03. Something
04. Green Don't Suit Me

Monday, September 3, 2012

Desperate Minds - Florence South Carolina 3-02-90

Desperate Minds were from Canada and released one album in 1989. Other than that I don't know anything about them. This show is a soundboard recording and the sound quality is very good.

some info here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Dust Rooms
02. Brothers And Sisters
03. Stuck On 45
04. Stuck In The Snow
05. Suicide Rate
06. Strive For More
07. What Do You Want
08. Rockin In The Free World

Downside - WMMR, Minneapolis 11-05-90

I don't know anything about Downside except that they were from Minneapolis and released one 7" ep in 1991. This is a radio broadcast and the sound quality is very good.

some info here:

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. What's Inside
02. Forward/Downside
03. Break Away
04. True To You
05. Contain
06. Take A Fall
07. New Direction
08. Where Were You
09. Never Betray
10. No Way Out
11. -interview

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Minor Threat - Landsburgh Center, Washington DC 9-23-83

Another MT show. This one towards the end of their existence. It was recorded from the audience and the vocals are a little low in the mix. 

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Stumped
02. Screaming At A Wall
03. It Follows
04. Straight Edge
05. Betray
06. 12XU
07. Salad Days
08. No Reason
09. Filler
10. Out Of Step
11. Look Back And Laugh
12. Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White
13. In My Eyes
14. Sob Story
15. Minor Threat
16. Little Friend
17. Stepping Stone