Sunday, September 23, 2012

Green Telescope - BBC Session 1-11-86

Here's one for the Garage-o-holics. Green Telescopes were from Scotland and released two seven inches before changing their name to the Thanes. I don't know what show this was recorded for. Sound quality is excellent.

Some info here:,+The

track list:
01. Try To
02. Who Knows
03. X+Y=13
04. Horror Asparagus Stories


  1. great , thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you have other demo tapes of garagepunk bands from 80s ?

  2. I am getting some live Nomads shows from the 1980s soon. I don't have much other 80s garage stuff.

  3. Good band. This session was recorded for Andy Kershaw's programme on Radio 1. Recorded on 11/1/1986 and broadcast on 23/1/1986. This was the only BBC session the band recorded.


  4. I remember it well, i was a huge fan and had bought both singles. Rather irritatingly, knowing that everyone listening would be taping the songs and trying to avoid recording the dialogue, Andy kershaw did a 'fingers off those pause buttons' right at the end of one of the songs, which is funny in retrospect. Be interesting to hear if that gag is on this recording. Green Telescope were brilliant - they were influenced by psychedelia but managed to create something unique and quirky that they could call their own. In addition to this session and the 45s, their tracks on the otherwise woeful comp 'Waking Dream' are also brilliant - twisting, turning, surprising, serpentine.