Sunday, September 23, 2012

Larry Wallis & The Love Pirates Of Doom - Cricketers, London 7-01-86

You all know Larry Wallis from Pink Fairies and Motorhead. Here's a live show from the mid-1980s showing that Mr. Wallis still got the action. Andy Calhoun, who in the 1977-1978 played with Warsaw Pakt and Tanz Der Youth, is playing guitar along side Larry. I don't know who else is in the band and I don't think this line up ever released any records. This is an audience recording and the sound quality is good.

01. Police Car
02. As Long As The Price Is Right
03. Love You So Your Mine
04. I Can't Walk Away
05. Waiting For The Lightning To Strike
06. Leather Forever
07. Crime
08. Tell Me Why
09. Hypnotized
10. Seeing Double
11. White Girls On Amphetamine
12. Touch And Go
13. The Letter
14. I Think It's Coming Back
15. Sweet Home Chicago
16. I Saw Her Standing There


  1. Thanks very much for posting this very rare and great stuff!!
    Nigel Cross (Bucketfull Of Brains 1987) called the Love Pirates "a potentially interesting quartet whose live appearances always degenerated into a spew of distorted noise and heavy metal overkill." No Comment!!
    The lineup is Larry Wallis, Andy Colquhoun, Sandy Sanderson (Pink Fairies, Lightning Raiders), George Butler (Lightning Raiders).
    This band went also under the name "Donut Dunkers of Death", and they never issued anything in their lifetime, however "Love You So Your Mine" appeared on the "Son Of Ham" comp, and some of these songs had been recorded in the early Eighties for the Pink Fairies' "Previously Unreleased" album with the same players except Colquhoun. When the Fairies reunited in 1987-88, this material crept up again in their setlist.
    This is all very nice, but it doesn't compare to the "distorted noise and heavy metal overkill" on this recording. Thanks again!

  2. A couple of these songs were recorded and released by Dr. Feelgood, I think.

  3. Actually, in reply to anonymous, by the time of this gig Sandy had departed and the bass was played by Tony (whose surname I forget) - he was with them until the band folded and the Fairies reformed. The band had undergone many many name changes - at almost every gig in fact, most of which were at Dingwalls, and Sandy was with them for most of the time. bat28 is correct, many of these songs were written for, and recorded by, Dr Feelgood - but this set, unlike earlier sets, featured quite a few Colquhoun songs. BTW, it was me that released the Hams CDs, so many thanks for the tip of the hat - glad to know they made some impression!

  4. gah, where's the download button ? would love to get hold of this !

  5. Old post. Link is gone a long time ago.

  6. thanks for asking Francisco, it flagged it up for me - kept meaning to ask bat29 the same question. what can we do to twist your arm into sharing again Bat29 ?

    1. No new link on the blog. Send me a private message and offer me a trade for something I want or buy me a beer.

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    1. what Lonesome DoG said. thanks for the reup, been waiting ages ! shame it took such a sad event for it to happen, but I wouldn't have known without this re-up. RIP Larry, gawdblessya Bat29