Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Half Blind/Beef Church - Klub Kommotion, San Francisco 4-30-88

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 Half Blind discography here:

Half Blind setlist: 

Beef Church setlist:

Gramma Hash Brown/Wankers - D.A. Ward Studios, Los Angeles 10-25-86

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 Gramma Hash Brown setlist: 


Wankers setlist:

Gramma Hash Brown/Creeps - Unitarian Church, Anaheim CA 8-30-86

Gramma Hash Brown was a political Punk Folkie who played around Los Angeles in the mid-1980s. I don't think he ever released any records. There are a few bands out there named The Creeps but I don't know anything about this Creeps. Audience recordings.

Gramma Hash Brown setlist:
01. Justice For The Rich
02. Idiot Set
03. Suburban Living
04. Rambomania
05. The Earth Will Survive
06. Earth Cycle Of Life
07. Lynchmobs Fom Lynchbug
08. L.A.P.D.
09. Does Anyone Listen
10. We All Choose To Stay Blind 

Creeps setlist:
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. title unknown

Gramma Hash Brown/SP.61 - Stardust Studios, Los Angeles 4-27-86

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Gramma Hash Brown setlist:

SP.61 setlist:

Saturday, September 5, 2020

My Youtube Channel

For anyone that is interested I have a Youtube channel for many years. For the last few posts I have made some very nice Youtube videos for the shows I have posted on my blog. Seems soon as I make a post here someone takes it and makes it into a Youtube video with no link back to my blog or any credit so I thought I might as well make videos if that's what people want. Most of my videos feature a photo of the band or artist along with the song titles as the video plays. Have a look and spread the word. I might feature stuff there that I don't put on the blog.

Monday, August 31, 2020

Avengers - Masque, Los Angeles 11-25-77

This might be the earliest live recording of The Avengers. It's recorded from the audience and sound qulity is good. [from cassette tape]

01. The American In Me
02. We Are The One
03. Car Crash
04. Desperation
05. Summer Of Hate
06. Teenage Rebel
07. Open Your Eyes
08. No Martyr
09. I Believe In Me
10. Paint It Black

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dead Kennedys/Germs/Bags - Masque, Los Angeles 12-31-78

This is the third time I've posted this Bags set and the second time I've posted this Dead Kennedys set. Nothing new on the Bags set but this tape for Dead Kennedys has the encore which the other tape did not, although Rawhide cuts off and is only a small fraction of the song. I've never seen this set of The Germs around before. It has all the songs we know and love with the addition of a live version of Round And Round. I think I used to have a photocopy of the flyer for this show in the 1980s but lost it long ago. Does anyone have it? All sets were recorded from the audience and sound quality is good.

Dead Kennedys setlist:
01. Forward To Death
02. Kill The Poor
03. Kepone Kids
04. Dreadlocks Of The Suburbs
05. Your Emotions
06. Straight A's
07. Police Truck
08. Gaslight
09. Short Songs
10. The Man With The Dogs
11. Ill In The Head
12. I Kill Children
13. Holiday In Cambodia
14. California Uber Alles
15. Rawhide (cut)

Germs setlist:
01. What We Do Is Secret
02. Strange Notes
03. Forming
04. Dragon Lady
05. No God
06. Manimal
07. Lexicon Devil
08. The Slave
09. Our Way
10. Richie Dagger's Crime
11. Shut Down (Annihilation Man)
12. Circle One
13. Round And Round

Bags setlist:
01. title unknown
02. Violent Girl
03. Myths
04. Suffering
05. Looking For You
06. title unknown
07. Babylonian Gorgon
08. We Don't Need The English
09. title unknown
10. title unknown
11. title unknown
12. Chainsaw
13. Sanyo Theme
14. TV Dinner
15. Survive
16. We Will Bury You
17. title unknown