Monday, August 31, 2020

Avengers - Masque, Los Angeles 11-25-77

This might be the earliest live recording of The Avengers. It's recorded from the audience and sound qulity is good. [from cassette tape]

01. The American In Me
02. We Are The One
03. Car Crash
04. Desperation
05. Summer Of Hate
06. Teenage Rebel
07. Open Your Eyes
08. No Martyr
09. I Believe In Me
10. Paint It Black


  1. I have a short set at Mabuhay Gardens dated August 5, 1977

  2. It's very strange 'cause I've the same concert (I compared the both), everything is the same in terms of the set list, the titles and the place except that on mine the sound is a bit better. However the date is not 25, November 1977 but June 1st 1978. Are you sure of the date?

    1. According to Penelope's Avengers gigography they didn't play any show on June 1 1978.

  3. This is the second tape of this show I've had and both are the same show with the same date. The tape on this show is from the early 1980s. I also think they stopped playing the songs Summer Of Hate and Teenage Rebel by the summer of 1978.

  4. Sorry I was wrong it was not the 1st of June but the 6th of January 1978. I'm French and I have trouble with American dates. It is noted The Masque, Los Angeles, CA, 1978-06-01.
    According to Penelope's website, January 6 is correct.
    After Paint it Black there's another song at the over. A version of "I Want In" of 6'09. If you want I can send my recording via a shareware. I've just need of your e-mail adress.

    1. Thanks, I do have the Avengers January 6 1978 show. I think I posted it on this blog 6 or 7 years ago.


  5. I saw Avengers at the Ivy Room in Albany a few months back. Might have been my last live show before the Covid crisis hit...

    They were great!