Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Bags - Masque, Los Angeles 1978

Here's a Bags show I don't think has been in circulation before. The tape cover says it was recorded 10-77 but since most of these songs were written by Craig Lee and he only joined the band in January 1978, this show is probably from early 1978. Also, before the first song someone (probably Craig Lee) says, "ready Terry?" which could mean Terry Graham was the drummer and he only joined the band in March 1978. The setlist is also the same early songs they played on the Live At The Masque comp. CD and the live at the Troubadour video in February 1978 with the addition of the new great song Poseur. This was recorded from the audience and sound quality is good. Alive introduces track 7 but I cannot understand what she says for the song title.

info: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bags_(Los_Angeles_band)

01. Violent Girl
02. TV Dinner
03. Poseur
04. Survive
05. We Will Bury You
06. Chainsaw
07. title unknown
08. Animal Call

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