Saturday, March 28, 2020

New Christs - AJZ, Backnang Germany 7-05-88

This show was recorded on New Christs first European tour in Backnang Rock City. The line up features Rob Younger - Vocals, Jim Dickson - Bass, Charlie Owen - Guitar, and Nick Fisher - Drums. Kent Steedman of Celibate Rifles joins them for two songs. This is a soundboard recording. There is a bit of hiss but sound is very good.

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. No Way On Earth
02. Dead Girl
03. Plastic World
04. Dropping Like Flies
05. The Black Hole
06. Headin' South
07. Addiction
08. The March
09. The Hipster
10. I Swear
11. Bed Of Nails
12. Like A Curse (with Kent Steedman)
13. Born Out Of Time (with Kent Steedman)
14. You'll Never Catch My Wave
15. Crying Sun
16. No Next Time

New Christs - Sydney Australia 1983

New Christs were from Sydney Australia and were started by former Radio Birdman singer Rob Younger in 1980 and released their first single in early 1981. Younger continued the band with a completely different line up after the single. On these recordings Rob Younger sings, Chris Masuak (also from Radio Birdman and later in The HItmen) and Kent Steedman (from Celebate Rifles) both on guitar, Tony Robertson (previously in the Punk band The 31st and later in The Hitmen) on  bass, Mark Kingsmill (also in The Hitmen and The Hoodoo Gurus) on drums, with Ron Peno (also from The 31st) singing harmonies. This line up recorded two single. These recordings are both audience tapes and the sound quality is good. At the Tivoli show the band were supposed to be the opening band for Iggy Pop but Iggy called in sick that night. The tape didn't come with a complete date but it could be July 1 or July 3.

@ Tivoli, Sydney 7-83:
01. Sun God
02. Gotta Keep Movin'
03. Born Out Of Time
04. The Hipster
05. --stage announcements--
06. I Did You No Wrong
07. Outcast
08. Creature With The Atom Brain
09. Louie Louie
10. Addiction
11. Search And Destroy
12. TV Eye
13. Smith And Wesson Blues

@ Enfield Boulevarde Hotel, Sydney 11-09-83:
01. Outcast
02. Rock and Roll
03. Hipster
04. Born Out of Time
05. Waiting World
06. Sun God
07. I Can't Stand It Anymore
08. World's Apart
09. Crying Sun
10. This Bar
11. Rock and Roll Surgery
12. No Next Time
13. Brainwashed

Keep On Moving

Okay, it's time to get moving with some new posts. Sorry for the long delay between posts but now with having all the time in the world to blog because of isolating due to coronavirus I should be able to get something done. 

I'm not quite finished with the Japanese posts. The Boredoms in London tape is buried in a box somewhere and I haven't come across it yet and the Ruins show in Turkey needs some extra special attention which might include connecting my stereo up in a different way to get the desired results. I'll work on those over time and hopefully get everything all worked out.

In the meantime I'm gonna continue forward. 

A few months ago I got in a great collection of tapes that has some uncirculated rarities in it. I thought I might do those now but I think I'm gonna do what I originally planned and post stuff from Australia and New Zealand because I have only a small number of shows from that region. After that I'll start posting stuff from the new collection.