Saturday, March 28, 2020

Keep On Moving

Okay, it's time to get moving with some new posts. Sorry for the long delay between posts but now with having all the time in the world to blog because of isolating due to coronavirus I should be able to get something done. 

I'm not quite finished with the Japanese posts. The Boredoms in London tape is buried in a box somewhere and I haven't come across it yet and the Ruins show in Turkey needs some extra special attention which might include connecting my stereo up in a different way to get the desired results. I'll work on those over time and hopefully get everything all worked out.

In the meantime I'm gonna continue forward. 

A few months ago I got in a great collection of tapes that has some uncirculated rarities in it. I thought I might do those now but I think I'm gonna do what I originally planned and post stuff from Australia and New Zealand because I have only a small number of shows from that region. After that I'll start posting stuff from the new collection.