Saturday, September 5, 2020

My Youtube Channel

For anyone that is interested I have a Youtube channel for many years. For the last few posts I have made some very nice Youtube videos for the shows I have posted on my blog. Seems soon as I make a post here someone takes it and makes it into a Youtube video with no link back to my blog or any credit so I thought I might as well make videos if that's what people want. Most of my videos feature a photo of the band or artist along with the song titles as the video plays. Have a look and spread the word. I might feature stuff there that I don't put on the blog.


  1. Was just there. Shared FB Twit. Love the Avengers thanks. Commented too.

  2. can you please post a direct link to your dowload secction....and your video tapes too??

    1. There is no download section and I don't have video tapes.

  3. my friend has most of your want list recordings....interested???

  4. my friend has most of your personal Want list of recordings.....Interested???

  5. we have mos of your Want recordings....if interésted let me know