Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Gramma Hash Brown/Wankers - D.A. Ward Studios, Los Angeles 10-25-86

Here's a third show from Gramma Hash playing all his favorites. I posted this Wankers show before about 5 years ago but here it is again. The Wankers were a Los Angeles band that sound like a Post-Punk Velvet Underground. There seems to be no info on them on the internet so don't know if they ever released any records.Both shows are recorded from the audience and are from the master tape.


Gramma Hash Brown setlist:
01. Blind To Reality
02. Does Anyone Listen
03. Idiot Set
04. Suburban Living
05. Rambomania
06. Justice For The Rich
07. title unknown
08. Lynchmobs From Lynchbug
09. L.A.P.D.
10. Earth Cycle Of Life

Wankers setlist:
01. title unknown

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