Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Gramma Hash Brown/Creeps - Unitarian Church, Anaheim CA 8-30-86

The standout track here is the Gramma Hash Brown song L.A.P.D. Everyone sings along and makes it a fun listen. There are a few bands out there named The Creeps but I don't know anything about this Creeps. The music is guitar/bass/drums/keyboards Garage Punk and all songs are instrumental. It doesn't seem they released any records. Anyone got any info? Audience recordings. Both sets are from the master tape.

Gramma Hash Brown setlist:
01. Justice For The Rich
02. Idiot Set
03. Suburban Living
04. Rambomania
05. The Earth Will Survive
06. Earth Cycle Of Life
07. Lynchmobs Fom Lynchbug
08. L.A.P.D.
09. Does Anyone Listen
10. We All Choose To Stay Blind 

Creeps setlist:
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. title unknown

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