Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Gas - Almost Complete Collection 1979-1982

In 1979 two members of The Gas were in a Pub Rock/New Wave band named Sneaky Feelings after an Elvis Costello song. That band released one single. When the Sneaky Feelings split Donnie Burke (lead vocals, guitar) and Dell Vickers (bass) recruited Leslie Sampson (drums) to form The Gas. The Gas released five singles and two LPs between 1980 and 1982 on the Polydor label. Sadly, none of these releases have ever been re-released on CD or vinyl. More recently Donnie Burke has been playing in an Americana Country Blues band named Roadhouse Dogs.

Roadhouse Dogs info here:
And here:

Sneeky Feelin's - Single (1979):
01. Private Mail
02. Only the Rain (Can Wash Away The Tears)

Gas - The Singles Collection 1980-1982:
01. It Shows In Your Face [1st Single 1980]
02. Tomorrow [1st single 1980]
03. Ignore Me [2nd single 1981]
04. Do It, Don't Tell Me [2nd single 1981]
05. Treatment [3rd Single 1981]
06. That's It [3rd single 1981]
07. The Finger [4th Single 1981]
08. Knock It Down [4th single 1981]
09. Breathless [5th single 1982]
10. Heartache [5th single 1982]
11. Hostage [5th single 1982]

Gas - Emotional Warfare (1981):
01. Devastated
02. The Outside
03. Possessions
04. The Finger
05. Love Bites
06. Losing My Patience
07. Definitely Is a Lie
08. Wasted Passion
09. Burning Inside
10. Treatment

Gas - From The Cradle To The Grave (1982):
01. From The Cradle To The Grave
02. Swallow
03. Haunted House
04. The Boy Who Would Be King
05. Breaking Point
06. All The Rage
07. The Reason
08. Look What Love Has Done To Me
09. Faith, Hope And Charity
10. Call Of The Wild


  1. Great post but not quite their complete collection -

    Treatment 12" (Treatment / Getting Mighty Crowded / That’s It) - polydor (1981)

    Test Pressings exist of their 6th 7"

    Cradle To The Grave / Look What Love Has Done To Me - Good Vibrations (1983)

    Apparently this was set for release but the label went under.

  2. I've never seen that Treatment 12" with the additional song listed in any discography I've ever seen so didn't know about it. Does anyone have it? I'd love to hear that extra song.

    That 6th single was never released and it is two songs that are on the LP which I can only guess are the same mixes so for this post, at least, it is not necessary. I've only included the a-sides from the 1st LP to keep them in context with the b-sides that are not on the LP.

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  4. Fantastic bristolboy, thanks for those!!

  5. Any way to get those additional tracks somewhere other than 4shared? Thanks.

  6. I second Lewdd's question. It's great that those links are posted here but I am not signed up to 4shared so I won't be able to dl those records.

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  8. thanks so much for posting the singles collection, these guys need a proper reissue! the others seem to be down, any chance of reposting?

  9. Loved this band back in the day, got the first two singles and saw them live a few times. Weren't they championed by Weller? Unfortunately links don't seem to be working, could you possibly repost?

  10. Hello from Germany,

    any chance to repost the first single from THE GAS, "It Shows In Your Face"? Heard it the very first time two days ago on YouTube. I still own the first GAS LP "Emotional Warfare", and my faves are "Devastated" + "Losing My Patience".
    That would be nice.
    Best from Germany, Ralf

  11. I just came across what appears to be the master for The Gas's Cradle to the Grave LP. It is on two huge Ampex reel to reel tapes. I am in Canada and they were seconds away from going in the bin

  12. Good save!! You should try to get it to someone who will re-release it.

  13. re The GAS Cradle to Grave Master. Having the tape doesn't give one copyright to the songs. I suppose I should try contact the artists and see if they have an interest. If not I will just the two tapes up on eBay UK. Suppose I better see if they still play somehow.

    Roy (Vancouver Island)

  14. One of the former band members was playing in a band recently called Roadhouse Dogs. That band has a Myspace and CD Baby page so maybe you can make contact through those pages. The links are in this post.

  15. I've got a single sided white label 12" test press of "It shows in your face". It has the matrix number POSP 192X. It'll be going on ebay soon - just waiting for my record cleaning machine to be repaired.

  16. I think I have all The Gas stuff on vinyl, except the 7" of Treatment. The 12" of Treatment has the extra track Getting Mighty Crowded, which was written in 1964 by Van McCoy, big Motown vibe to it, really good cover by The Gas. I can send you pictures of the other sleeves if that's possible.
    The bands HQ was across the road from where I lived in Lambeth, I was only a kid but they signed my album, gave me some promo pictures and let we watch them film a video, I believe that Emotional Warfare was released as a Video Album too, never actually saw a copy though.

  17. Thanks for your comment MrDarwincat. Must've been great hanging out with the band. If you want to send sleeve scans send me an email. I also still somehow need their cover of Getting Mighty Crowded.

  18. Donnie Burke of The GAS will be playing a set of Gas numbers with his band The Roadhouse Dogs on Sat 24th Sept 2016 at Nolans pub, Wilcox Road, Vauxhall, London. The first set will be Roadhouse Dog tunes followed by a Gas set.

    1. Great news! Thanks for the info. I wish I could be there to see the Gas set.

  19. Regarding The Gas at the Nolans pub. A great evening was had by all. I have just spoken to Donnie Burke and it is likely that there will be similar gigs in the future. There is still a small hard core Gas following and we want to hear more!

    1. Thanks for the update. I wish I could have been there. Hope the band will bring those sounds to the USA. There's a small hardcore following over here, too.

  20. I have a 12" promo copy of Treatment and am currently trying to create mp3s to post on YouTube of all the tracks on the 12"
    If you still have the master tapes for 'Cradle...' I'm sure Donnie would like them and perhaps could arrange a re-issue of the album ?
    I know him quite well and could ask?