Monday, June 4, 2012

Syphilitics - You Got Nothing 1996-1998

Let's step into the 1990s this time with The Syphilitics. They were from Cincinnati Ohio and existed from 1995 to 1998. In that time they recorded three demos and only two of their songs ever got officially released, both on compilation 7" eps. The first comp. was titled Blasts From The Pasts vol. 1 (info here: and had a song from their second demo on it. The other was titled Contents Under Pressure and had a song from their last demo on it. They rarely ever played outside the Cincinnati area. In 1998 the rhythm section left and they changed their name to Black Trans Am and their sound to a more Turbonegro influence sound. Syphilitics were my favorite Punk band in the 1990s. Plenty of snot and attitude for your listening pleasure. From cassette tape.

track list:
01. Hippy Generation
02. I Don't Feel Sorry For You
03. Beautiful
04. Bad Person
05. Leave Me Alone [from Blasts From The Pasts vol. 1 comp.]
06. 1150 W. 8th [from Contents Under Pressure comp.]
07. Feed My Disease
08. Ballin' In The Bathroom
09. Learn To Grow
10. Gimme Enough
11. Feel Like Falling In Love
12. Gut Shot
13. High School Freakboy
14. Jedi Beer Drinker
15. Preppy Little Bitch
16. Alex
17. You Got Nothing

tracks 1-5 Centsless demo 1996 [2nd demo]
tracks 6-12 Demo 1998 [3rd demo]
tracks 13-16 Basement demo 1996 [1st demo]
track 17 Live at Top Cats, Cincinatti Ohio 1998


  1. Great punk rock! - Thanks a lot for sharing... =)

  2. this is fucking brilliant! in your face punk rock with lotsa snot and venom. my new fave band :) many thanks for sharing!

    1. Alright Roman, I'm glad you are enjoying the Syphilitics! Since they only released two songs on long out of print records no one knows about them. If they would/could have released an album it would be a classic of the mid-1990s.