Friday, June 22, 2012

Exploited - Top Of The Pops 1981


  1. seeing this video after all these years does make me smile as this was the song that led to me never buying another one of their records.

    The reason for this was (if my memory serves me right after all these years) The Exploited were going to play a gig down a club in West Street, Brighton on a Tuesday night, but without any announcement they didnt turn up for the the gig. Leaving 100's of very disappointed punks.

    The reason for this was because they were recording their 1 & only appearance on TOTP - they sold us fans out to be on TV- not very punk at all is it?

    Never mind - Flux Of Pink Indians turned up out of the blue & played- they were fucking brilliant that night, so all was not lost... but even to this day I still think The Exploited are tossers for doing what they did.... lets face it TOPT was shite

  2. Ha ha ha. This is so funny. De Sade, De Sade!!