Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quads - The Collection 1979-1980

The Quads were a  Mod/Power Pop band from Birmingham England that released 3 singles in the years 1979-1980. In 1979 they recorded a session for John Peel and in 1980 they also had two songs on the Brum Beat Live at the Barrel Organ compilation LP. Here's a nice collection of most of their output. I'm missing the b-side to the second single and the compilation tracks. Does anyone have those? Very good sound quality.

discog here:
video here:

**UPDATE - styreneboy has supplied the missing b-side and I've added it to the collection and supplied a new link.

track list:
01. There Must Be Thousands   [1st Single 1979)
02. You've Gotta Jive   [1st Single 1979)
03. There's Never Been A Night   [2nd single 1979]
04. Take It  [2nd single 1979]
05. There Must Be Thousands   [John Peel Session 8-29-79]
06. I Know You Know   [John Peel Session 8-29-79]
07. Revision Time Blues   [John Peel Session 8-29-79]
08. There's Never Been A Night   [John Peel Session 8-29-79]
09. UFO   [3rd single 1980]
10. Astronauts Journey   [3rd single 1980]
11. Feel The Need For More   [demo 1980]


  1. pity I missed this, the files are dead, any chance of a re up and the Jolt live show that was on your old blog, great blog

  2. Hi, I made up a full album's worth of stuff, called it "There must be millions".. This running order works quite well. What you need are: The singles and the John Peel session, the demo (it was on Youtube), and the albums "Bouncing In The Red" and "Brum Beat Live At The Barrel Organ"

    I'm still looking for a really good version of the John Peel session...

    01. There Must Be Thousands
    02. When Everything is Said and Done
    03. Take It
    04. In The Night
    05. Wonders Never Cease
    06. You've Gotta Jive
    07. Gang Of Kids
    08. Astronauts Journey
    09. Gotta Getta Job
    10. UFO
    11. There's Never Been A Night
    12. I Know You Know
    13. Revision Time Blues
    14. Feel The Need For More
    15. Time To Think
    16. Still Moment (In Time)

    (extra tracks..)
    17. There's Never Been a Night(Peel)
    18. Thousands (Peel)


    1. Well, your in luck. The BBC re-broadcasts the Quads Peel Session every few months. And they did it again on November 28, 2015. Get over there quick if you want to get it:

  3. Wow, thanks! And here's me thinking it might take years for someone to reply, let alone with this news. I'll have to redo the album then pot it here.. (might take a little longer but I'll try to do it before the years end)