Wednesday, August 7, 2013

999 - Old Waldorf, San Francisco 7-02-79 (2nd set)

This show is from a radio broadcast and the sound quality is excellent.

01. Quite Disappointing
02. Let's Face It
03. Hit Me
04. Soldier
05. Feelin' Alright With The Crew
06. Rael Rean
07. Crazy
08. Lie Lie Lie
09. Made A Fool Of You
10. Titanic Reaction
11. Emergency
12. Nasty Nasty
13. I'm Alive
14. Homicide
15. My Street Stinks
16. Shake
17. Boiler


  1. great!!!!
    can you reupload sham 69 live stockholm 1980 please?
    the version that I have,not end the songs.
    very grateful,thanks!

  2. hi again bro:thanks and have a nice forthcoming weekend

  3. A bit of vintage 999 is most welcome,and as always your other great uploads are much appreciated..thank you so much :)

  4. Hi

    Thanks for these fine uploads, i have a tape here and i`m hoping for an upgrade if you do have it;


    999 - 22nd April 1980 (2 sets) and i think its soundboard, but mines all genned out (Bought in the U.K)

    if you don`t have this on your want list you do now, before you ask the problem with the tape i have (and always was) is the deck it was copied from and the source the heads are getting covered in oxide, ie; the 1st song is Quite disappointing and it sounds good and clear but it goes down hill from there to a hissy mess end of side one, side two is even worse cos the seller just flipped the tape lazy without checking the heads on his play machine and another potentially great gecordong ruined, especially in the 999 era of recording the "Biggest Tour In Sport US 12"

  5. I don't have that 999 show but here is a list of a guy who has it for trade:

  6. Thanks for all the 999!