Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Only Ones - 1977+1978+2007

The Rochester Castle show is an audience recording and is very muddy but listenable. Can anyone fill in the unknown song titles? The interview I think is from the BBC but not sure on that. Sound quality is excellent. The XFM Session is a radio broadcast and has excellent sound quality.


Only Ones - Rochester Castle, London 9-08-77:
01. I'm Yours
02. 2. This Ain't All (It's Made Out To Be)
03. Prisoners
04. As My Wife Says
05. The Guest
06. Special View
07. Lovers Of Today
08. Inbetweens
09. Another Girl, Another Planet
10. The Whole Of The Law
11. Oh No
12. Peter And The Pets
13. City Of Fun

@ BBC 1978:
01. interview

Only Ones - XFM Session 5-28-07:
01. Another Girl, Another Planet
02. The Whole Of The Law
03. The Big Sleep


  1. Great stuff. Thanks. Unknown songs are:

    1. I'm Yours
    2. This Ain't All (it's made out to be)
    4. As My Wife Says
    5. The Guest

    I'm Yours and The Guest are pretty rare Only Ones songs - Don't think they were ever recorded in the studio (or if they were, have never been released). As My Wife says was on the B side of the early re-release of Another Girl on 12". This Ain't All was the B side to the single You've Got to Pay.

    Back in the 80s I was strolling through Camden Market. There was a stall there selling gig cassettes of loads of artists and one of the Only Ones sets listed 4 or 5 unknown songs. Didn't have enough money on me to buy it and never saw it again. Always wondered what the unknown songs could have been and guess now problem solved!


  2. Thanks Rich for filling in the song titles and for the info.

  3. Wow. Never heard many of these . Thanks 16 ton of weight.