Sunday, November 30, 2014

Vitus Dance - John Peel Session 9-25-79

Vitus Dance were a Punk/Mod Revival/Power Pop band from Bristol England. They never released a record in their day but one song from this session was released on the Bristol Calling  double CD in 2005. Band members went on to form The Misdemeanors and another former member, Sooty, went on to join Vice Squad. This is four of the five songs they recorded for this session. The missing song is titled Problem Parade. Sound quality is excellent.

band photo:

track list:
01. I'm In Control (I Think)
02. Inter City Living
03. Down At The Park
04. Disgusting
05. Problem Parade


  1. If you want the extra track The Whole peel show (04-10-79) that this was aired on is downloadable here
    go to the bottom where it says available

  2. Thanks bristolboy for that link!

  3. I've added the 5th song from the Peel wiki.