Thursday, May 3, 2018

V.A. Maximum Rock 'n' Roll Radio Show 1983 (b)

This one was recorded on the b-side of a blank 90 minute cassette. It has interesting interviews with No Trend and Really Red. It cuts off during the Really Red interview, though, and the last 15 minutes are missing. I believe this show dates to May or June of 1983. This was recorded off of radio station WKDU in Philadelphia and sound quality is excellent. Can anyone fill in the unknown song titles? Also, track 11 is a band from France but I couldn't understand the band's name when the dj spoke it. Does anyone know the band and their song title?

track list: [from cassette tape]
01. Terminal Fun - Mass Suicide
02. -Tim Yo speaks-
03. Youth Brigade - Blown Away
04. E13 - Psycho Eddie
05. Secret Hate - Rick's A Dick
06. Sacred Cows - Have You Slugged Your Kid Today
07. -Tim Yo speaks
08. -Ruth Schwartz speaks
09. Espirites - Hypocritical Government
10. Terveet Kädet - title unknown
11. Bunderbach - title unknown
12. B.G.K. - Tout Les Flics
13. Red Tide - What's So Wrong
14. -Ruth Schwartz speaks-
15. No Trend - Teen Love
16. No Trend interview
17. -station identification-
18. -Jeff Bale speaks-
19. Fallout - Reagan Hysteria
20. Crashbox - Nato Per Essere Veloce
21. Shockin' TV - Spazi Di Potere
22. Raw Power - No Institution
23. Irah - Fotti Il Sistema
24. Wretched - title unknown
25. -Jeff Bale speaks-
26. Really Red - Too Political
27. Really Red interview (cut)