Saturday, June 13, 2020

Birthday Party - Posthoornkerk, Amsterdam 11-08-81

The Boys Next Door moved to London in February 1980 and on arrival changed the name of the band to The Birthday Party. The first year in London was a slow and difficult one but in 1981 they started touring again, around the UK, fist trip to the USA and at the end of the year they toured around Europe. This show was one show on that tour. It was recorded by VPRO and broadcast on the radio. Soundquality is very good. Unfortunatley, my tape seems to be missing the first three songs, "Nick The Stripper" + "The Dead Songs" + "She's Hit". Those first two songs from this show can be found on the Cremation bootleg LP. [from cassette tape]


01. Bully Bones
02. Big Jesus Trash Can
03. Junkyard
04. Blast Off
05. King Ink
06. Pleasure Heads
07. Release The Bats
08. radio DJ speaks

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  1. Hello, i have a more complete and better sounding version of this, using two songs from your post, but speed correcting them , because your tape sound too quick to my ears.
    Here is ''My"" version: