Monday, April 29, 2013

Back In Action

Got a decent place finally and got my computer set up. 

I've replaced some links with mega. 

I need to see some comments about if the links work or not and if Mega is worth it or not. 

I won't be adding anymore links until I get some feedback on those links!


  1. Good to see ya back - links work fine!

  2. Welcome back bat, links working fine, more Vibrators? all the best.

  3. Work good for me, just found your site and am having trouble with the old files.. These new mega ones work for me- any chance of re-upping some of the old ones in the mega format--thanks , Jim

  4. everything works fine ... good to have you back :-)

  5. links fine though i had to download google chrome to do it , then had to re-install as missus cudn't handle chrome!

    PB Manchester