Monday, June 10, 2013

Buzzcocks - Lee's Place, Toronto 11-13-93

Audience recording with good sound quality

01. Trade Test Transmission
02. Innocent
03. Last to Know
04. When Love Turns Around
05. Alive Tonight
06. I Don't Know What To Do With My Life
07. Autonomy
08. Get On Our Own
09. Who'll Help Me To Forget
10. Smile
11. Do It
12. Isolation
13. Palm Of Your Hand
14. You Know You Can't Help It
15. Unthinkable
16. Harmony in My Head
17. What Do I Get
18. Love You More
19. Ever Fallen In Love
20. I Believe
21. Why She's The Girl From the Chainstore
22. Inside
23. Orgasm Addict
24. Fast Cars
25. Boredom


  1. thanks for posting this! Listening now. I just discovered this blog, awesome stuff that I don't see posted elsewhere.

    Is there any chance you could repost your Eddie and the Hot Rods material you had on your previous blog? France 1976, Brighton 1978, Tuts Chicago 1980, Mt Vernon 1981? I've been getting into the Hot Rods again now that I bought the new dvd/cd of the Rainbow 1977 gig. I wish I saw these last year when you posted them.


  2. It's too much work to keep re-posting or adding new links for the old stuff. I have enough work trying to get the new stuff up. I do have a recent Eddie & The Hot Rods show that will be going up sooner or later.