Saturday, May 3, 2014

Screamers - Live + Demos 1977/1978

Here's the Screamers playing at the legendary Masque in 1977 plus demos from 1977 and 1978. There's no date on the tape for the live show and originally I thought it was the December 16 show which has been bootlegged many times but this show isn't that show. It's a soundboard recording with excellent sound quality. The demos also have excellent sound quality. For the demos tracks 1-3 Recorded by David Campbell and Rene Daalder possibly late 1978 and track 4-6 Pat Garrett 4-track Demos, 7-7-77.

@ Masque, Los Angeles 1977: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. I'm Going Steady With Twiggy
03. Punish Or Be Damned
04. Vertigo
05. Peer Pressure
06. Violent World

Demos: [from cassette tape]
01. Mensch (1978)
02. Scream (1978)
03. Why The World (1978)
04. Punish Or Be Damned (1977)
05. Magazine Love (1977)
06. Peer Pressure (1977)


  1. thanx very much, man... :-)

  2. glad to have you back. great stuff as usual. a request if you can help out. I'm looking for a flexi from the magazine paranoia 1981 the flexi has uxa on it doing a song called cease to exist as well as some de de troit songs 4 all together any chance you might have all or some of the tunes I'd be most appreciative

  3. All the UXA/De De Troit stuff I have has been posted.

  4. maybe the live was this show?

    note that Tomata asks Twiggy for some $ that she is making from her country western albums because "they closed down the Masque".

  5. Really good low generation source for the demos!

  6. Thanks very much for this post, but this is MASQUE BENEFIT AT ELKS CLUB, 2-24-78 !!!

  7. Yes,it IS the benefit gig..this tape had been circulating,albeit quietly and privately for a few years prior to the benefit show 4 track reels being "discovered"..the official word is the screamers tape had disintergrated..distergration never sounded so good!..Now..wheres the controllers set?? Monger