Saturday, May 10, 2014

Voodoo Church - On Klub, Los Angeles 11-01-81 + New Wave Theater 2-82

 Here's a show by a short lived Los Angeles Goth/Punk band who only released one 12" ep before splitting up. The On Klub is an audience recording and the vocals are very low in the mix and the recording is a little distorted. Anyone wanna take a stab at the song titles? The New Wave Theater is from a television show and sound quality is very good.

@ On Klub, Los Angeles 11-01-81: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. Boneyard
04. Flesh Garage
05. title unknown
06. Steeple Walls
07. title unknown
08. title unknown
09. title unknown
10. title unknown

@ New Wave Theater 2-82:
01. Boneyard


  1. This is amazing to hear, the early history of VC needs to be unearthed further. Thanks so much for posting, ZG.

  2. VOODOO CHURCH: This recording seems to have been taken down...Considering the attempts by the current version of the band's lead singer, Tina Winter (Bassist and backing vocals here), and her ex-husband/guitarist, Rob Reimer, to erase or discredit all evidence of the band's founder and original frontman, Dave Grve, one has to wonder. Tina fraudulently trademarked the VC name in 2015, and could face federal perjury charges for doing so. Hmmmmmmm.....

    1. Track 4, Flesh Garage which was later recorded by Dave Grave's group Frankenstein on the album Ugly Display of Self Preservation. Couldn't recognize the others though, pretty cool to hear this version.