Thursday, June 12, 2014

Monitor - Los Angeles 1979/1980/1981

The C.S.U. show is an audience recordings and has good sound quality. The KPFK show is from a radio broadcast and has very good sound quality. The Press Club show is a soundboard recording and had very good sound quality. Can anyone help with song titles?

@ C.S.U., Long Beach CA 12-08-79: [from cassette tape]
01. improv. intro to Beak
02. Drab
03. Junie
04. Amphibious
05. Be As We
06. Sammy
07. Hair
08. Surfadelic
09. Beak

@ KPFK, Los Angeles 2-24-80: [from cassette tape]
01. Hair
02. We Get Messages
03. Drab
04. Surfadelic
05. Amphibious
06. Be As We
07. Beak

@ Press Club, Los Angeles 9-20-81: [from cassette tape]
01. Hair
02. In Terrae Interium
03. Herb Lane Theme
04. Amphibious
05. Drab
06. Sick City [Charles Manson]
07. I Saw Dead Jim's Shade
08. Pavilion


  1. Mucho thanks - I'm from Monitor's hometown of Northridge. Used to see their album at Tempo records on Reseda Blvd.

  2. Such a kick to hear these, N.A.! Here are some song IDs/corrections:

    Song #1: "Hair"

    Song #1: Just an improv. intro to "Beak"
    Song #4: "Amphibious"
    Song #5: Mislabeled "Amphibious," this is "Be As We," a separate coda to that song we played only a few times
    Song #6: "Sammy" (about a Third Reich–obsessed developmentally disabled person we knew at CSUN)
    Song #7: "Hair"

    Song #1: "Hair"
    Song #3 (mislabeled as “Can’t”): “Drab”
    Song #6 ID: Jeffrey Vallance introducing “Be As We”

    Thanks for posting,

    Laurie O'Connell

    1. Thanks Laurie! I'm glad you are enjoying these recordings and thanks for the correct song titles. And thanks for creating the music!