Thursday, August 6, 2015

5° Braccio - Vanchiglia demo (1982)

5° Braccio were from Turin Italy and existed for about one year. They recorded some demos but only managed to have on song released on vinyl. Most of their songs were released on various compilation tapes in Europe and the USA. There were a couple line up changes and ended with Sergio - vocals, Mara - vocals, Tax - guitar, Filippo - bass, and Orlando - drums. After the band split Orlando played drums with Declino on their 1st 7" ep while Sergio did the artwork for that ep. Orlando and Tax went on to form Negazione together. Tax also joined Declino on drums for 1984-1985 while Mara and Sergio went on to form the band Contrazione. Sound quality is very good. I think many of these songs were released on the Blackout A Torino CD collection that was released in Italy in 2007.


track list:
01. Pisceremo sulle vostre tombe
02. Punkaminazione
03. Sopravvienza
04. Ricambio Umano
05. Allucinazione metroplitana
06. Okkupazione
07. Rabbia e Disperazione
08. Mai Più Tortura
09. Repressione
10. Fai Qualcosa

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