Thursday, June 16, 2016

Minutemen - KPFK, Los Angeles 1982 + 1985

Both of these are radio broadcasts and have excellent sound quality. Two songs, tracks 2 and 16, from the 1982 show were officially released in 1984 on The Politics Of Time LP. The 1985 broadcast is the complete show but there is a tape flip after Cheerleaders  so a second or two of the beginning of Maybe Partying Will Help is missing. Can anyone fill in the song titles?

@ KPFK, Los Angeles 11-27-82: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. The Process
03. Ain't Talkin About Love
04. Sell Or Be Sold
05. Mutiny In Jonestown
06. Life As A Rehearsal
07. Beacon Sighted Through Fog
08. The Tin Roof
09. The Only Minority
10. East Wind/Faith
11. Black Sheep
12. Cut
13. Joy
14. More Joy
15. Pure Joy
16. Joy Jam
17. Fake Contest
18. Sickles and Hammers
19. Polarity
20. Split Red
21. The Maze
22. Plight
23. One Chapter In The Book
24. The Anchor
25. Paranoid Chant
26. dj outro

@ KPFK, Los Angeles 7-18-85: [from cassette tape]
01). Badges
02). Anxious Mofo
03). Toadies
04). The Big Foist
05). Retreat
06). Corona
07). Fake Contest
08). Beacon Sight Through Fog
09). The Only Minority
10). Do You Want New Wave Or Do You Want the Truth?
11). King Of The Hill
12). Hey Lawdy Mama
13). Cheerleaders
14). Maybe Partying Will Help
15). Time
16). Ack Ack Ack
17). Ain’t Talkin’ ‘bout Love
18). This Ain’t No Picnic
19). History Lesson (pt. 2)
20). Little Man With A Gun in His Hand
21). Green River
22). The Red & The Black


  1. Missing song titles from the 1982 set:

    1--opening jam? (not a proper song as far as I can tell)
    4--Sell Or Be Sold
    7--Beacon Sighted Through Fog
    8--The Tin Roof
    10--East Wind/Faith
    11--Black Sheep
    15--Pure Joy
    18--Sickles and Hammers
    19 & 20--Polarity (these mp3s are two halves of the same song)
    21--Split Red
    22--The Maze
    24--One Chapter In The Book
    26--Paranoid Chant

    Keep up the rad work! <3

    1. Great!! Thanks for figuring out the song titles!

  2. The 1982 recording seems to have shown up on streaming sites as of October, except it's reported as being a 1984 live recording. Pretty weird.

  3. Two songs from the 1982 recording were officially released in 1984 on the Politics Of Time LP. If you look for that album on the correct date is listed as 1982.