Sunday, December 11, 2016

Pop-O-Pies - Demos 1981 + Transfer, Los Angeles 3-21-85

The demos is 4 different versions of the song Truckin'. I think the last one is a live version. On track 4 the DJ and the band play a tape a record and talk all at the same time so it's not easy to decipher what's going on. I also don't know if any of these versions is the one from the record. It's from a radio broadcast and has excellent sound quality. The live show was recorded from the audience and has good sound quality. Can anyone fill in the song titles?

@ Demo 1981: [from cassette tape]
01. Truckin'
02. Truckin'
03. DJ announcements + interview
04. title unknown
05. Truckin'

@ Transfer, Los Angeles 3-21-85: [from cassette tape]
01. title unknown
02. title unknown
03. title unknown
04. title unknown
05. title unknown
06. title unknown
07. Fascists Eat Donuts
08. title unknown
09. title unknown
10. title unknown
11. title unknown
12. title unknown


  1. Demo Track 1 is from The White EP
    Demo Track 2 is a live medley - starts with "Catholics Are Attacking" and goes into two full versions of "Truckin" back-to-back.
    Demo Track 4 is the band interviewed on a radio show while they play The White EP AND the original Grateful Dead version of Truckin' underneath in an incomprehensible mess.
    Demo Track 5 is another live version.

    Live LA:
    1) The Slow Version
    2) A Political Song
    3) A Political Song (continued)
    4) A Political Song (continued)
    5) #5 though #8 are a long, medley/mashup of the opening to "Bummed Out Guy" with lyrics from "Fascists Eat Donuts" and "Pop-O-Rap" thrown in there.
    6) Extended opening to "Bummed Out Guy" continued
    7) Fascists Eat Donuts/ Pop-O-Rap
    8) Extended opening to "Bummed Out Guy" continued
    9) Truckin' (Rap Mix)
    10) Truckin'
    11) Truckin' (Continued)
    12) Anna Ripped Me Off/ I Love New York

    ... at which point it appears that the guy who kept asking "so... do ya wanna take off?" finally got his way.