Sunday, December 11, 2016

R.K.L. - KCSB, Santa Barbara CA 1-08-85

Classic band, great radio recording. Sound quality is very good. Can anyone name the unknown song title?

setlist: [from cassette tape]
01. Senseless Violence
02. Think Positive
03. Ded Ted's
04. US Steal
05. Adolescent Death
06. Why
07. Beautiful Feeling
08. Tell Me The Truth
09. Right For Me
10. Life In A Bottle
11. I'm Locked Up
12. title unknown
13. Love To Hate (cut)
14. Political Destruction
15. Feelings Of Hate
16. Lies
17. No Respect


  1. Track 12 is titled 'Evil In You' from the 'Mystic Sampler #2' compilation. it was never released on CD for some reason. Thanks for the show it kicks ass. Cheers!

  2. Track 12 is "Evil In You", featured on Mystic Sampler #2 comp.

  3. I found the master copy of that slang "dolby demo" and posted it on YouTube.
    My user name is laggywaggy.

  4. It is on CD, on a comp called 'Punk Rock! 20 Classic Punk Bands From The World Of Mystic Records' as well as the CD 'Mystic Sampler 1 & 2'