Thursday, October 5, 2017

Bad Brains - 1979 + 1983

The Max's show is a soundboard recording. The first song is the last song of the first set and the rest is the second set. My cassette dates the show as 2-79 but some expert somewhere has determined this show is actually from the December date I am using. There's a bootleg of the complete first set around. Does anyone have it? Sound quality is mostly excellent. The 1983 show is also a soundboard recording with excellent sound quality. Can anyone identify the location and exact date.


@ Max's, NYC 12-16-79: [from cassette tape]
01. I [1st set]
02. Don’t Need It [2nd set]
03. At The Atlantis
04. Pay To Cum
05. Supertouch-Shitfit
06. The Regulator
07. Why'd You Have To Go
08. Don't Bother Me
09. Success
10. Banned In D.C.
11. Big Takeover
12. Stay Close To Me
13. Attitude
14. Happy Birthday Earl
15. You're A Migraine
16. Just Another Damn Song
17. The Man Won't Annoy Ya
18. Redbone In The City
19. I

@ unknown location 1983: [from cassette tape]
01. Rally Round Jah Throne
02. I Luv I Jah
03. The Meek
04. I And I Survive
05. I Against I
06. Coptic Times
07. Destroy Babylon
08. Joshua's Song
09. We Will Not

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