Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Dictators - Rochester 1977 + Cincinnati 1978

The Rochester show is a radio broadcast and the Cincinnati show is a soundboard recording. Both shows have excellent sound quality.

@ WCMF, Rochester, NY 7-06-77: [from cassette tape]
01. Science Gone Too Far
02. The Next Big Thing
03. Young, Fast, Scientific
04. Hey Boys
05. Steppin' Out
06. Disease
07. Search & Destroy
08. Ross The Boss Solo
09. Two Tub Man
10. instrumental

@ Cincinnati Ohio 9-26-78: [from cassette tape]
01. Faster & Louder
02. Stay With Me
03. No Tomorrow
04. The Next Big Thing
05. The Moon Upstairs
06. (I Live For) Cars And Girls
07. I Stand Tall
08. Ross The Boss solo
09. Two Tub Man
10. Search & Destroy


  1. Hi,
    First, a big thank you for these Bootlegs of the Dictators (and thank you for your excellent job and shared all these jewels). On the Cincinati recording, it's noted that it's the second set. Do you have the first set on your tape ? Please if yes, could you posted it ? Thank you in advance

    1. I do not have the first set and don't know if their was a recording made of it. My info about it being the second set comes from the Manitoba intro. But for all I know he could be talking about the opening band.

  2. Thank you for this explanation (and thank you again for all that you share with us)... ;-)

  3. That's great, thank you for sharing! I guess the Rochester recordings are the same as those released by Interference in 2016?

  4. I haven't heard the Interference release but it is probably the same show.