Monday, April 16, 2018

Want List #1 1982-1983 Hardcore Punk Demos

Here is a list of old demo tapes I am looking for. These are all reviewed in Ripper Magazine issues 7 and 8, and Maximum Rock 'n' Roll issues 2 to 10. I'm not collecting the tapes but would be quite happy to have them in mp3 format. I just want to hear them first and maybe add them to the blog to get them some circulation. If you have something and want to trade send me an email.

Want List:
13 – Jethro demo (1983; Berkeley CA)
Afflicted – Snuff Squad demo (1983; Millbrae CA)
Agent 86 – Suicide Squad demo (1982; Arcata CA)
American Dream – Ground Zero demo (1983; Bethlehem PA)
Angry Youth – All-American Hero demo (1982; Knoxville TN)
Bad Influence – War’s No Fun demo (1983; Hayward CA)
Bix Bigler Band – Amtrack demo (1983; Reno NV)
Bruces – 7 song demo (1982; San Jose CA)
Bruces – I Don’t Care demo (1983; San Jose CA)
Burnt – Let Me Out demo (1983; Midland Park NJ)
Clitboys – Time For Another War demo (1983; Milwaukee WI)
Divine Right – Die Today demo (1983; B.C. Canada)
Double Cross – Here To Stay demo (1982; Sonoma CA)
E.S.S. – Society demo (1982; Tucson AZ)
Eleventh Hour – Vicious demo (1983; Fairfield CA)
End – Starwhores demo (1983; Chicago IL)
End Result – The Seven Year Locust Returns demo (1983; Chicago IL)
Estagio Zero – Esgoto demo (1983; Sao Paulo Brazil)
Exhiled – Cab Sessions demo (1982; Bethesda MD)
Executioner – 1-9-8-4 demo (1982; Santa Clara CA)
False Alarm – I.W.L.P.I.F. demo (1983; Pacific Grove CA)
Fatalities – Yeah Right! demo (1983; Lagrangeville NY)
Gentlemen Of Horror – Demo (1982; Kelowna, B.C. Canada)
Gepøpel – Mooi Volendam demo (1983; Netherlands)
Gerbils – GM Working Man demo (1982; Detroit MI)
Hecklers – Video Fright (1983; Tucson AZ)
Justice In America (JIA) – Corporate Interest demo (1983; Grass Valley CA)
Last Warning – ’81 demo (1983; Amersfoort Holland)
Manual Zombie – Music To Savage The Calmed Beast (1983; Maspeth NY)
Massacre Guys – Devil’s Slide demo (1983; Salt Lake City UT)
Minority – Lotsa Noise demo (1982; San Diego CA)
Modifiers – Not This Time, Darlin’ demo (1983; Memphis TN)
Mohawks – Cashing In On Yesterday’s Fad demo (1982; Bay Area CA)
NØ – You’re Nothing demo (1983; Two Rivers WI)
No Direction – Lost In 83 demo (1983: Norman OK)
Nostrils – Live With The London Symphony Orchestra demo (1981; Winnipeg Canada)
Police State – 2 song demo (1983; Berkeley CA)
Rapid Vapid – School demo (1983; Lincoln NE)
Rude Awakening – Slaves Of Freedom demo (1983; Wilmington DE)
S.T.D. – Your Cheatin’ Heart demo (1983; Knoxville TN)
Sacred Order – Cranking On A Straight Edge demo (1982; Milwaukee WI)
Seismic Waves – Fucking Fashions demo (1983; Chicage IL)
Silent Minority – Jungle Of Lies demo (1983; Canada)
Slam – Wild Riders demo (1983; Sweden)
Slaughterhouse – Destroy Their Weapons demo (1983; San Lorenzo CA)
Soldier Dolls – Ten Track Sampley demo (1983; Cardiff Wales)
Sudden Death – Blood On The Floor demo (1983; Winnipeg Canada)
Target Cells – I Wanna Be Your Slave demo (1983; South Windsor CT)
Trial - Live at the On Broadway demo (1983; San Francisco)
Twist & Scream – Corporation demo (1983; California)
Unaware – This Is Not Art demo (1982; San Jose CA)
Unaware – Tear Gas Raid demo (1983; San Jose CA)
Vacant – I Know demo (1983; Fair Oaks CA)
Vengeance – 5 Song demo (1982; Hayward CA)
Violation – Trendy demo (1983; Scarborough ME)
War Of Destruction – Racisme (1983; Denmark)
White Trash – Hell No demo (1982; Boulder CO)
Y.I.A. – Youth In Asia demo (1983; Wilmington DE)
Young Lions – Rebel Music (1983; Toronto Canada)
Youth Korps – Crime 1969 demo (1983; New London CT)
Youth Youth Youth – Why Pay More demo (1983; Ontario Canada)
Zoomers – Exist demo (1983; Baton Rouge LA)

V.A. Alcoholic For The Evil One (1983; Italy)
V.A. Autogestione (1983; Italy)
V.A. Concierto Punk Torviscosa (1983; Italy)
V.A. Destroy Clones (1983; Rome Italy)
V.A. Get Off My Guts (1983; Berkeley CA)
V.A. Hate (1982; Lincoln NE)
V.A. Kitten Kompilation (1983; Minneapolis MN)
V.A. Lansimaisen Sivilisaation (1982; Tampere Finland)
V.A. Maine H.C. (1983; Orono ME)


  1. I think I can help you out with a couple of these, bat. First off, here's Slam:

    I'll check what else I have and get back to you. But just to clarify, the Youth In Asia is NOT the UK band from the Bullshit Detector comp? Because I do have that demo.

    1. Thanks for the Slam demo. The Y.I.A. demo I'm after is the one from Delaware. I saw them a few times back in 1983-1984 in Philly but never got hold of their demo.

  2. How can I get in touch with you? I can’t even find your e-mail.

  3. Looking for the "Mechanized Death" demo

  4. If it helps the BAD INFLUENCE ''War's No Fun'' Demo can still be downloaded @ HPR (Hardcore Punk Review) blogspot. It still works as i've tried it for you before commenting. Wish i could send it to you but i'm shit on computers. KTF

  5. 1/3 of them you can find on soulseek

    1. Thanks. I didn't know soulseek was still around. I haven't been on there in over 10 years.

  6. I have the NO demo "You're Nothing" and will digitize it. They were great.

    1. Both of their songs on the America's Dairyland comp tape are great. Hoping to hearing more by them. Thanks.

    2. Will do! I also have the Sacred Order demo and a Clitboys demo but I don't know if it's the same one you're after. Mine might be the same as this one:

    3. I copied the NØ demo (almost a year late!) and emailed it to you.

    4. Thanks for the NO demo. I got it and will post a link here soon as I can get to it.

    5. You're welcome! NØ had some great songs, and I think people will enjoy them. Sorry it took me so long to send the demo.

  7. That Clitboys is the one I'm after. Thanks for the link. I've added to my Wisconsin Punk collection. Lots of cool stuff there.

  8. You can get the official cd reissue of Kitten (as well as Barefoot & Pregnant) here:

  9. Does anyone have The Malls (Arkansas punk band) 1980 Demo Tape or any early Arkansas punk rock / hardcore punk band unreleased demos circa 1976-1986?