Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Want List #2 1984 Hardcore Punk Demos

Thanks to everyone who sent stuff that was on my last want list. Here is another list of demos that are reviewed in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll zine issues #13,#14 and #15. I'm not collecting the tapes but would be quite happy to have them in mp3 format. I just want to hear them first and maybe add them to the blog to get them some circulation. If you have something and want to trade send me an email. I'm sure some of these have been bootlegged, released on vinyl/CD or have been put up on YouTube but I'm sure a lot of them haven't.

Want List #2
149 Dead Marines – demo (Iowa City IA; 1984)
Against The Grain – Children Shouldn’t Play With Dead Things demo (USA; 1984)
Aerobic Death – E.S.G. demo (Seattle WA; 1984)
Art Thieves – Blank Faces demo (Green bay WI;1984)
Asocial/Bedrövlers – How Could H.C. Be Any Worse (Fagersta Sweden; 1984)
Asocial/R.T.S. – split tape (Mjolby Sweden; 1984)
Atrox – Hit The Oxide demo (Dorset England; 1984)
Born Without A Face – Psycho demo (Grand Rapids MI; 1984)
Bowling For Larva – Chain Saw demo (San Diego CA; 1984)
Bristles – Ban The Punkshops demo (Molndal Sweden; 1984)
Cancerous Growth – Live At CBGB’s NYC demo (Burlington MA; 1984)
Capitle – 11 song demo (Albany NY;1984)
Certain Death – Granny’s On The SWAT Team (Blue Island IL;1984)
Chapter 23 – Lights Out (Minneapolis MN; 1984)
Child Hoods – Corrupted Kids (La Puente CA; 1984)
Child Support – You Owe It To Your Kids demo (Berkeley CA; 1984)
Children’s Crusade – demo (Elyria OH; 1984)
Choir Of Pain – Answers demo (Seattle WA; 1984)
Civil Dissent – Fourth Rate demo (Victoria Australia; 1984)
Colera - demo (Sao Paulo Brazil; 1984)
Created In Your Image – demo (Centerport NY; 1984)
D.S.M.L. – Hendrix Is Dead demo (Seattle WA; 1984)
Dandelion Abortion – Tune Out Turn Up Drop Dead demo (Bloomington IN; 1984)
Dash & The Rip-Rocks – Live Angst demo (Morgantown WV; 1984)
Dead End – Youth Now (Toronto Canada; 1984)
Dead End – Where Do We go From Here (Toronto Canada; 1984)
Debauche – Maturation demo (Arlington Heights IL; 1984)
Depo-Privera/Tempermental Psychotics – split tape (Two Rivers WI; 1984)
Deviants – In The Bathroom demo (Berkeley CA; 1984)
Die Migrains – Farewell To Arms & Legs demo (Lakewood CO; 1984)
Drooling Idiots – Who Needs Tomorrow? demo (Paducah KY; 1984)
Electric Cool-Aid – Living In Peoria demo (Peoria IL; 1984)
Epileptics – Albino Cockroach demo (Scottsdale AZ; 1984)
Exotic Hipster – Surf On The Rocks demo (San Rafael CA; 1984)
Exploded – Painetta Pollossa demo (Korpilahti Finland; 1984)
Extreme Hate – 1 demo (Berkeley CA; 1984)
Fatal Vision – Zeitgeist demo (Centerport NY; 1984)
Fish Karma – To Hell With Love (Tucson AZ; 1984)
Fottutissima Pellicceria Elsa – Moda demo (Faedis Italy; 1984)
Gone-Heads – 6 Lame Songs demo (Sunnyvale CA; 1984)
Grand Poo-Bahs – This Is Bedrock, Not L.A. demo (Fort Lee NJ; 1984)
Hot Spit Dancers – Lack Of Image demo (Stockton CA; 1984)
Iconoclast – After The Massacre demo (San Fernando CA; 1983)
Idle Worship – Now I Know demo (Olympia WA; 1984)
Incharge/E.A.T.E.R. – Chaos (Mjolby Sweden; 1984)
Insanity Defense – demo (Centerport NY; 1983)
Kaos – Adding Insult To Injury demo (Pensacola FL; 1984)
Klimax – Survivirsi demo (Finland; 1984)
Krunch – Nàr Narje Steg Ár Ett Snedsteg demo (Timra Sweden; 1984)
MG-15 – Caos Final demo (Malaga Spain; 1984)
Machiro Endoh – Vietnam Legend (Tokyo Japan; 1984)
Maniacs – Attack demo (Ludwigsau Germany; 1984)
Membranes – Andropov demo (Van Nuys CA; 1984)
Mess – Caught In The Middle demo (Appleton WI; 1984)
Moderat Likvidation - demo (Sweden; 1984)
Money Dogs – Salute To America demo (New York, NY; 1984)
Moral Crux – What Can I Do demo (Ephrata WA; 1984)
Moral Disgust – I Love College demo (Oshkosh WI; 1984)
Napalm Death - Rock 'n' Roll Hell (Portland OR; 1984)
New Mr. Orrs – Seasons Of The Mind demo (Toronto Canada; 1984)
New Regime – Wake Up To Reality demo (Studio City CA; 1984)
New Regime – demo (Studio City CA; 1984)
Nussivat Nunnat – Nunnia Lepakon WC:SSA demo (Mikkeli Finnland; 1984)
Out Of Order – Concerned demo (McHenry IL; 1984)
Outrage – The Phoenix demo (Tyne & Wear England; 1984)
P.S.A. – 14 song demo (Italy; 1984)
Poikkeustila – demo (Tampere Finland; 1984)
Power Of The Spoken Word – The Perils (Lincoln NE; 1984)
Public Humiliation – 1242 demo (Orange CA; 1984)
Pukes – Fast Food demo (Greenbrae CA; 1984)
Ragged Bags – Despair demo (Kent OH; 1984)
Räkä – Helka Virsijä demo (Finland; 1984)
Revenge Of The Whores – Hinckley’s Brain (Tucson AZ; 1984)
Revenge Of The Whores – demo (Tucson AZ; 1984)
Rhythm Pigs – Boring Orgy demo (Clint TX; 1984)
Rotte Kappele – demo (Tucson AZ; 1984)
S.V. Draumur – Listir Med Orma (Iceland; 1984)
Sacred Order – Saturation Bombing (Milwaukee WI; 1984)
Satan’s Cheerleaders – Ass Backwards demo (Centerport NY; 1984)
Savage Circle – Live In Germany demo (Alassio Italy; 1984)
Scapegoats – Pogo Lebt demo (Klausdorf Germany; 1984)
Screaming Dogs – Dog Music demo (Bloomington IN; 1984)
Second Auschwitz – Your Pet demo (Helmond Holland; 1984)
Seldoms – Last Tape (Tucson AZ; 1984)
Single Track – I.R.A. demo (Brive France; 1984)
Smashchords – The History Of demo (Seattle WA; 1984)
Spanky Picasso Head – The Farm demo (Seattle WA; 1984)
Squirt - In The Name Of God demo (Zurich Switzerland; 1984)
Stazione Suicida – Sangue nel Muro demo (Firenze Italy; 1984)
Tatuerade – SnutKukar demo (Sweden; 1984)
Toejam – demo (San Antonio TX; 1984)
Tower Of Swine – Pig Of Anarchy demo (Sunnyvale CA; 1984)
Urge Overkill – Portion Controlled demo (Evanston IL; 1984)
Vicious Circle – Blood Race demo (Victoria Australia; 1984)
Wardogs – The State Of Things (Lucca Italy; 1984)
Weddings Done Cheap – Special Occasion demo (Jamaica Plains MA; 1984)

V.A. 430 Anos (Sao Paulo Brazil; 1984)
V.A. Angst (Albertslund Denmark; 1984)
V.A. Belse Bop (Finland; 1984)
V.A. Bloody Tulips (Holland;1984)
V.A. Cleveland Dead & Alive (Mentor OH; 1984)
V.A. Code Blue (McHenry IL; 1984)
V.A. Compostpileaction (Boston MA; 1984)
V.A. Corporate Thrash (Huddersfield England; 1984)
V.A. Der Vollsuff Sampler (Möglingen Germany; 1984)
V.A. Deutsche Punk Sampler #1 (Möglingen Germany; 1984)
V.A. Eject It (Tyne & Wear England; 1984)
V.A. Empty Skulls (Beverly Hills CA; 1984)
V.A. Fornekad Existens (Ange Sweden; 1984)
V.A. Fresno Compilation: H.C. ’84 (Clovis CA; 1984)
V.A. It Came From Long Island (Medford NY; 1984)
V.A. Kass 2 (Sweden; 1984)
V.A. Lärmattrak (Germany; 1984)
V.A. Live At Modern Times (Bloomington IN; 1984)
V.A. Lopun Alku (Vaasa Finland; 1984)
V.A. Mutopia (DunnLoring VA; 1984)
V.A. Potential Migraine (Leeds England; 1984)
V.A. Sas Eichontai (Athens Greece; 1984)
V.A. Senza Tregua (Pisa Italy; 1984)
V.A. Town Without Pity (Tucson AZ; 1984)
V.A. We Got No Station (Bethesda MD; 1984)
V.A. Wir Schlagen Das Imperium (Nürnberg Germany; 1984)


  1. Let me look on my hard drive , I think I have a few from both lists . Give me a couple days and I'll let you know what I got

  2. I know I have the Fresno Hardcore compilation , but others I need to check to see what I got . Love your blog and all the bands you have on here , if you come across any 80s Nardcore I would love to hear them . I first got into the punk scene seeing gigs in Ventura , Oxnard and santa Barbara .

  3. Email sent with these:
    149 Dead Marines Demo
    VA - Eject It
    VA - Fresno Hardcore 84
    VA - Code Blue
    VA - Empty Skulls

  4. This site has part of the dandelion abortions demo as well as a live set by them from 1986.

    1. no problem, you might want to look around that site, it also has tracks from the slammies and repellents from the master tape comps among other indiana bands.

  5. I have the Child Support demo. Funny what you hold on to for 30+ years! I need to check whether it's playable...

    1. I would definitely lie to hear it if you want to share it.

  6. V.A. Wir Schlagen Das Imperium:

  7. Email sent with Bad Influence , Colera , Insanity Defense , Rude Awakening , The Bristles , Youth Youth Youth , V.A. Senza Tregua , V.A. Hardcore 84 Fresno and a Fresno comp ? that has some songs and some radio commercials for a couple shows

    1. Thanks! I got your email but I have been denied access to the zip file so can't download anything.

    2. I am interested in the colera- demo.
      can you send it to my email?