Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Society's Grudge - To Hell With Heroes raw tape (1983)

Society's Grudge were a hardcore Punk band from Winnipeg Canada who were around for a year or so in the early 1980s. In 1983 they released a cassette album title To Hell With Heroes. Without ever hearing the band I bought the tape through a mailorder ad in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll. I thought the tape was great and wore it out over the next couple years. Somewhere along the way my tape went missing and I have been searching for another copy ever since. Thanks to a kind blog follower I now have this. It is the raw tape used by the band/label for To Hell With Heroes. It includes false starts and talking between songs, which didn't appear on the final release. In addition, there are two songs that were not included on the final tape release. Unfortunately, this tape cuts off so there are several songs not on this tape which were on the final release. Sound quality is excellent.


track list:
01. Anti-Police Squad
02. Keep It To Yourself
03. Society's Grudge Anthem [false start]
04. Society's Grudge Anthem
05. No Rules
06. Weekend Punks
07. title unknown [false start]
08. title unknown
09. Prisoners Of The Suburbs [false start]
10. Prisoners Of The Suburbs
11. Live My Own Way
12. Political Figures
13. Asylum
14. 1983 [false start]
15. 1983 [cut]

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