Monday, May 14, 2012

Alternative TV - Bowes Lyon House, Stevenage England 6-14-81

In 1981 the originators of Alternative TV got back together to record a new album which was their first recordings since 1977. The album lacks the energy of 1977 but has some okay songs, Communicate being the best one. Interestingly, that song sound similar to a 1977 Subway Sect song. Here is a live show from there tour supporting that album. They still played a few of the old songs, too. It's an audience recording and the sound quality is good.

01. My Hand Is Still Wet [soundcheck]
02. Communicate [soundcheck]
03. Mirror Boy [soundcheck]
04. Anye Is Back [soundcheck]
05. The Ancient Rebels
06. Who Are They
07. Strange Kicks
08. Mirror Boy
09. Sleep In Bed
10. Anye Is Back
11. TV Operator
12. Love Lies Limp
13. Communicate
14. Cold Rain
15. Fun City
16. My Hand Is Still Wet
17. Action Time Vision


  1. Cool! 'n' cheers for Rapidshare links.

  2. Many thanks for this, always good to hear Mark Perry making a glorious racket!

  3. Thanks for this one Bat. Nice one for continuing blogging too. As for the old links...don't blame you one bit mate. Like you say,the stuff will turn up somewhere soon.

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