Sunday, May 13, 2012

Lurkers - 100 Club, London 9-14-82

Here's a very good soundboard recording of The Lurkers from their first comeback period with Marc Fincham on vocals and playing mostly songs that were new at the time. There are two songs here that I don't think have ever been officially released.

01. I'm On Heat
02. This Dirty Town
03. The Rain
04. Our House
05. Freak Show
06. Wolf At The Door
07. Drag You Out
08. Ain't Got A Clue
09. Heroin (It's All Over)
10. Pills
11. Shadow
12. I'm On Heat


  1. I tried the Jets one just to see and gave up as there's a whole load of additional downloading to do and I just don't trust these programs. Sorry.

    If anyone knows any better though, I'm all ears.....

  2. Thanks for this one Bat. Nice one mate :)

  3. Lurkers one aint working, looks like one i've got but mine says it's from 1981 and is missing the 12 track that is on yours (3rd track on mine is called "The Ring")