Sunday, May 13, 2012

Jets - The Collection 1977-1978

These Jets were from Luton England and are famous for appearing on the Farewell To The Roxy album in 1978. Also, in 1978 they released their only single as the Jets on the Good Vibrations record label. In 1979 they changed their name to the Tee Vees and released a single. For fun and a good listen I've collected all their available recordings - released tracks, demos and rehearsals - into one pile of Punk Rock (mostly) joy. Track 7 is made up of excerpts of three different songs spliced together. The track didn't come with titles so I made up titles based on what the singer is singing. Lots of great stuff here, shame there was never an album released. Sound quality is very good. I've also added the Tee Vees single for completeness.

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track list:
01. TV Drink
02. Dreg Town
03. Breakdown (Radio Off)
04. Black and White
05. Devil
06. Silke
07. Come On Now/War Machine/Waiting For Emotion
08. Original Terminal
09. The Iceburn
10. The Impact

tracks 1-2 Farewell To The Roxy 1978
tracks 3-5 Rehearsals 1977
tracks 6-7 Demos 1978
tracks 8-9 Single 1978
track 10 Demo 1978

Tee Vees - Single (1980)
01. Doctor Head Love
02. War Machine


  1. By the case you have any interest I just posted these 2 shows at guitars101:

  2. Thanks for this one! Glad to see that yo're still at it!!
    Oh, any chance you can re-up the Saccharine Trust - OAP Victoria Canada 7-01-82 gig?? Hell, any stuff you have by them!!
    Thank You!

  3. Many, many thanks for re-up this. It´s a shame also nobody hadn´t released a compilation like this.