Sunday, October 7, 2012

V.A. Schlachthof - Live 12-13-80 (Bremen Germany)

This is a live compilation tape from Bremen Germany. I got this in a CD-R trade 7 years ago and it arrived with no song titles. Each band was recorded live from the audience so the sound quality is rough but good. There's also an interview in German language at the end with some people talking about Punk Rock. I don't think any of these bands ever released more than a single or EP so it is nice to hear more from them. My favorite band here is Niveau Null.

Niveau Null ep here:
Organ Bank info here:
Niveau Null info here:
Cretins info here:
Niveau Null video here:
Niveau Null video here:
Cretins video here:
Niveau Null photo here:
Organ Bank photo here:

track list:
01. Organ Bank - Mehr Pogo
02. Organ Bank - Liebe Freunde
03. Organ Bank - title unknown
04. Organ Bank - Star Fucker
05. Organ Bank - title unknown
06. Niveau Null - title unknown
07. Niveau Null - Haut die Bullen
08. Niveau Null - title unknown
09. Niveau Null - Nazi
10. Niveau Null - title unknown
11. Niveau Null - title unknown
12. Cretins - title unknown
13. Cretins - Dachau Disco
14. Cretins - title unknown
15. Cretins - title unknown
16. Cretins - title unknown
17. Cretins - title unknown
18. Organ Bank - title unknown
19. Organ Bank - title unknown
20. Organ Bank - title unknown
21. -interview-


  1. Hi bat, this Tape is pretty cool but the quality is not so mine, but thanks for the re-upp.
    P.S. please add my blog on your list.

  2. Yeah I guess the quality is rough but high technology didn't seem to be available to poor Punks anywhere in those days. The show is a great document of one wonderful drunken night in Bremen Germany long long ago and most of the songs are not available in any other recordings as far as I know. So, gotta enjoy what we can get.

  3. hi,
    also a big thanx from my side.

    those were the days - and - praise the lord - we haven't missed them

  4. This show has also been recently posted on the Tape Attack blog with original covers: